About Me!! XD

My name is Janette.I'm 15.Im a pretty quiet person if u dont know me that well. Im short but dont tell me im short becuz ive noticed already!! lol
I listen to anytype of music .
The type of music i listen to most are Heavy metal,Hardcore,alternative,screamo,rock and well the rest i listen to depending on my mood ^_^.
Things i like:
-ppl who r nice
-yummy foods
-watching interesting things on tv
-the colors red and black
and umm idk what else i like but there is alot

Things i dont like:
-mean ppl im talking about the really mean ppl
-nasty foods
-standing still
-hearing some talk non-stop
um.many more things i dont like but i cant fit it all down here
oh also i love robots and well if u want to know more about me then just message me ok its all better...