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Hello, I'm Xenre. I'm a lurker, mostly around writing and gaming forums. Life has given me lemons. I made lemonade. Now, I'm on a quet to find someone to whom life has given vodka, to have a party. smile


Drizzt Do'Urden scores 185 on The Original Fiction
Mary-Sue Litmus Test. Harry potter is a 75. 71 points or more is Irredeemable-Sue. And they suggest you start over. I say keep writing.


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0 SunshineStorm 0 Report | 07/30/2010 2:41 pm
Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I found that you are a fan of Danny Phantom.
Would you mind signing a petition to revive the series? Thank you!
Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/stgwltm/petition.html

Contact me if you want to do more than just sign the petition.
Yume Miru x3 Report | 06/29/2010 7:04 pm
sorry for the random comment,
but amazing avvie, i love it!
Cynical Tea Report | 05/24/2010 6:23 pm
Thank you for your purchase =]
Victoria Rubeck of Kutral Report | 01/15/2010 12:46 am
Eulalynn Report | 11/08/2009 6:22 pm
Thanks for picking my response for your message in a bottle!
In case you don't remember which one,
You asked for favorite movies and I ranted on about all the different movies I liked
And complained it would be easier to list the ones I don't like sweatdrop
Nikko Nagawa Report | 10/21/2009 9:32 pm
A few things here: I love love love your avi. It's just amazing. Secondly, I agree that Drizzt is the shiz, and last: How are you wearing two pairs of boots? =o
Nightprince Report | 07/17/2009 12:55 am
Drizzt is genius. Sheer amazingness. But darnit, I've only read the first two books... e___e
Xenologista Report | 05/28/2007 12:00 pm
Horray for potter puppet pals
Suicide Lollies Report | 02/17/2007 3:02 pm
You avatar is wonderfully clever.
Arthur~Weasley Report | 02/15/2007 9:00 am
love the avi!
well done! smile