sweet dreams

i can't believe ive been here for this long god save me

07/10/2008 2:10 pm

babygurll1868 [ Now is XxbeautifulxdarknessxX ]

Hello dawn.

u r rite behind me playin uhh super mario sunshine.. lol

u jus told me bout the sand bird thing. lol

i wasnt rlly listenin.. lol

and u jus rces dat one purple dude dat apparently stares at mario.. LMAO

and he likes mario.. if u kno wat i mean lmao.


now u and our lil bro r sayin yeah lol

and now ur talkin bout the one we were never able to do???

u lost me lol

now ur mario.. swimmin in the ocean.

and ur like

"hey look a red coin im gunna grab it. hey it went by the rock... urggg... stupid.. oh jezz.. RUN AWAY!.... is it still chasin me?"

lol i think ur havin loads of fun.


Bro- "ur gunna die.. i think hes still following u"

U- "No hes not."