I do commissions for whatever you can pay me! Contact me here, on my dA, or my tumblr!

To be clear: I accept money, not gaia gold! I use paypal, but I can also accept money via mail if that's cool with you!

Even if you have a mere seventy five cents to spare, you can still commission! At the very least, you will get a pencil bust of desired character, but I plan to at least ink all commissions, no matter the price paid. However, if you can afford to pay more, I can even do full digital with color! (Fair warning: I can, but I'm not good with traditional coloring. I've got colored pencils, but I don't use them very well.)

But! Just because you can only pay a small amount doesn't mean you absolutely won't get something more than a traditionally inked bust. I'm doing this for money, but also practice, so I might surprise you and do full digital color for under a buck. I mean, don't expect that, but it's a possibility!

In my terms, a bust commission includes any character of your choice from about the elbows up. What you get will GENERALLY reflect the amount you can pay! But like I said, at the veeery least, a pencil sketch, and I might just randomly go above and beyond.

I can do pencil, traditional ink, traditional ink with color, digital ink, and digital ink with color.

Things I won't draw:

- nsfw

Things I'm bad at drawing (but would be willing to try):

- anthro/animal

- gore

Trades and negotiations can be considered!

*~P L E A S E P A Y M E T O D R A W Y O U S H I T ~*