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kayceelane is a flat foot

People/Things Who Have Died That Effect Me:
Keith Johnson - Friend
Thomas Sellers - Grandfather
Kurt Cobain - Vocalist/Guitarist for Nirvana
Jimi Hendrix - Guitarist/Singer
Jon Bonham - Drummer for Led Zeppelin
(Dimebag) Darrell Abbott - Guitarist for Pantera
Bon Scott - Vocalist for AC/DC
John Lennon - the Beatles
George Harrison - the Beatles
Johnny Cash - Vocalist/Guitarist
the majority of Lynyrd Skynyrd
Randy Rhodes - Guitarist for Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne
Joey Ramone - Singer for the Ramones
Keith Moon - Drummer for the Who
Cliff Burton - Bassist for Metallica
My Mind
Diva - Kitty
Sydney (ran away idk if shes dead or not) - Kitty
Thea without a Name - Lizard
Les Paul - Musician
Orville Gibson - Founder of Gibson Guitars
Bee Bee - Ferret
Simon - Ferret
Billy Mays
I will be updating this list regularly (unfortunatly)

Im gunna make a wall of qoutes too:
"why do they call it a lisp? cause then people who have a lisp will call it a lithp" - deedeedeedan

"Its better to bun out than to fade away" - Neil Young/Kut Cobain

"nobody's better than anyone else, let's jam" - (Dimebag) Darrell Abbott

"Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot" - Jim Rohn

"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just exactly fits the newspaper" - Jerry Seinfeld

"The earth has music for those who listen" - William Shakespeare

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" - James Dean

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" - Dr. Suess

"The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy" - Jim Rohn

"Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old" - Jonathan Swift

"You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry" - Author Unknown

"Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad" - P.D. East

"Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped" - African Proverb

"He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for" - Moroccan Proverb

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared" - Buddha

"A fool would leave no questions unanswered, But the wise man would leave no answer unquestioned" - Undecillion

"Our life is made by the death of others." - Leonardo Di Vinci

"Think carefully on what you say to those you love; You never know if they'll come home in a casket. Don't let the last thing you ever say to them be filled
With hate when that's a lie." - Shadowcka

"If you don't live for something,
You'll die for nothing." - Hatebreed, Live For This

"It's better not to know what people are saying and be left alone than knowing what they're saying and being afflicted by it." - Shaggy Groundshaker

"With being apart comes the wrenching pain in your chest that we call a lack of love." - zero1039

"Its hard to live life. Its easy to die. But if you wanna live you better f*cking try." - wirii

"If you don't do something stupid while you're young, What will you talk about when you get old?" - Author Unknown

"A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose." - Anonymous

"I wanted more than i could steal" - Nirvana, Lounge Act

"its better to be a smartass than to be a dumbass" - Author Unknown

"At the end of the day when there's blood on your knuckles, you're laughing your a** off, and people are crying...... that just shows you're a complete a*****e." - zackwyld234

"Silence is golden, Duct tape is silver." - zero1039

"Guns dont kill people, People kill people." - Author Unknown

"A Bridge not crossed is like a life not lived." - Chinese Proverbs

"Even the tallest Tower started from the ground." - Chinese Proverbs

"By filling your mind instead of your pockets, you cannot be robbed." - Anonymous

"A wise man is not one who is always right, but one who knows when he is wrong." - Baulder

"Ironic, how it takes a lifetime to make one person love you, but it only takes a moment to be hated by the world." - Baulder

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, but to create something that will." - Anonymous

"If words could describe these feelings, why feel them at all?" - Baulder

"Some think light is the fastest thing in the world, but they forget that Darkness was there first." - Anonymous

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." - Anonymous

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll be so goddamn sick of fish after a few weeks he'll beat your a** and take your food.” - Frank of War

"I know, but some things are felt, not shown on the surface." - zero1039

"No one dies a virgin, Life screws everyone" - ajolilozzy

"There's no time to discriminate, hate every ******** that's in your way." - Marilyn Manson, The Beautiful People

"Amongst each beauty, is a scar." - Yukroneanninja

"If love is a labor, I'll slave 'til the end." - Rise Against, Swing Life Away

"I'm gonna cut myself and watch the blood hit the ground." - Korn, Right Now

"Condoms aren't completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one . . . and got hit by a bus." - Bob Rubin

“When you're taught to love everyone, to love your enemies, then what value does that place on love?” - Marilyn Manson

“Old musicians don’t die, they decompose.”

“Remember: it takes thirteen muscles to smile, thirty-seven muscles to frown, but only four to extend your fist and punch someone in the face.”

"Make love, not war” – John Lennon

"I'm in no condition to drive...wait! I shouldn't listen to myself, I'm drunk!"

"I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

"Girls are like books...you just have to find one that interests you"

Lyrics to Cemetary Gates By Pantera:

Reverend, reverend
Is this some conspiracy
Crucified for no sins An image beneath me
Lost within my plans for life It all seems so unreal
I'm a man couldn't half feel this world Left in my misery

The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes
It's nothing new for him to see
I didn't ask him why
I will remember
The love our souls had
Sworn to make
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see
Now is your (face)

Well I guess You took my youth
I gave it all away
Like the birth of a New-found joy
This love would end in rage
And when she died
I couldn't cry
The pride within my soul
You left me incomplete
All alone as the
Memories now unfold.

Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the
Cemetery gates

Sometimes when I'm alone
I wonder aloud
If you're watching over me
Some place far abound
I must reverse my life
I can't live in the past
Then set my soul free
Belong to me at last
Through all those
Complex years
I thought I was alone
I didn't care to look around
And make this world my own
And when she died
I should've cried and spared myself some pain
You left me incomplete
All alone as the memories still remain

The way we were
The chance to save my soul
And my concern is now in vain
Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the cemetery gates

The way we were
The chance to save my soul
And my concern is now in vain
Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the cemetery gates

/´¯/-- /---// ---/¨¯
('-(---(´--(´ -¯~/'--)
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_♥_♥___♥_♥_ ρυт тнiՏ
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_♥___♥___♥_ oη yoυr
__♥_____♥__ ραgє if
___♥___♥___ yoυ lovє
____♥_♥____ Տoмєoηє


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zackwyld234 Report | 08/12/2010 7:45 am
Yukroneanninja Report | 12/08/2009 3:04 am
Hey! I told you that lisp/lithp joke!
TheMostFoolishTraveler Report | 11/14/2009 7:05 am
no problem! ^-^
TheMostFoolishTraveler Report | 11/14/2009 4:40 am
ooh!! Your Profile is awesome!!! biggrin
kelseygirl720 Report | 10/21/2009 2:03 pm
oh god *crys* ...................................................*bursts into tears*
kelseygirl720 Report | 10/21/2009 1:57 pm


kelseygirl720 Report | 10/21/2009 1:29 pm
i really miss him ! he was such a great guy and a wonderful friend he didnt deserve to die ....
kelseygirl720 Report | 10/20/2009 5:10 pm
yes he was and i cant believe hes gone i miss him so much *crys*
kelseygirl720 Report | 10/20/2009 4:43 pm
i miss him ................. ToT *crys*
kelseygirl720 Report | 10/20/2009 4:33 pm
i cant believe hes gone *crys*


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"Its Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away" - Neil Young/Kurt Cobain


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in my mind "b***h" is another word for beautiful - a b***h is female dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are in nature, and to some people nature is beautiful

Talk to me softly There's something in your eyes Don't hang your head in sorrow And please don't cry I know how you feel inside I've I've been there before Something's changing inside you And don't you know - Gins N' Roses: Don't Cry

"its better to burn out than to fade away" - Neil Young/Kurt Cobain

all in all its just another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall

Emo's - *This Is True! emo doesn't mean you cut. emo doesn't mean your gay. emo doesn't mean your suicidal. emo is real. emo is people. emo is everything. emo is a label. emo is being free. free to be you. free to express. free to tell everyone to f**k off!! emo is just a word. *emo's.. -are not cry babies -do not always wear black -can be very nice -don't always cut them self -are not always depressed -can be happy too -are normal people just like you p.s. we love music [put this on your profile if you agree]

I think I'm dumb or maybe just happy Think I'm just happy my heart is broke But I have some glue help me inhale And mend it with you We'll float around And hang out on clouds Then we'll come down And I have a hangover... Have a hangover - Nirvana: Dumb

Shed a tear 'cause I'm missin' you, I'm still alright to smile, Girl, I think about you every day now, Was a time when I wasn't sure, But you set my mind at ease, There is no doubt, You're in my heart now, - Guns N' Roses: Patience

A girl and a guy were speeding over 100mph on a motorcycle Girl: Slow down I'm scared Guy: No this is fun Girl: No its not please its too scary Guy: then tell me you love me Girl: I love you, slow down Guy: Now give me a big hug She gave him a big hug Guy: Can you take off my helmet & put it on yourself its bothering me. In the newspaper the next day a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the breaks were broke he didn't want the girl to know. Instead he had her hug him and, told him she loved him one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live even if it meant that he would die.If you would do the same for the person you love copy this in your profile

R.I.P. Keith Johnson, you left us a lot earlier than expected, you were a good friend, and you were one of my best Friends, you will be missed by me and everyone.

BOY: I love her more than the air i breath GIRL: well im always here for you. BOY: I know. GIRL:What's wrong? BOY: I like her so much. GIRL: Talk to her. BOY: I don't know. She wont even like me. GIRL: Don't say that. You're amazing. BOY:I just want her to know how I feel. GIRL:Then tell her. BOY: She wont like me. GIRL: How do you know that? BOY: I can just tell. GIRL: Well just tell her. BOY: What should I say? GIRL: Tell her how much you like her. BOY: I tell her that daily. GIRL: What do you mean? BOY: I'm always with her. I love her. GIRL: I know how you feel. I have the same problem. But he'll never like me. BOY: Wait. Who do you like? GIRL: Oh some boy. BOY:Oh... she won't like me either. GIRL: She does. BOY: How do you know? GIRL: Because, who wouldn't like you? BOY: You. GIRL: You're wrong, I love you. BOY: I love you too. GIRL: So are you going to talk to her? BOY: I just did. GIRLS- If you think this is sweet, post it to ur page. GUYS- If u are man enough and have balls to say this to a chick, post it to ur page

"nobodys better than anyone else, lets jam" - (Dimebag) Darrell Abbott

Friends Dont Let Friends Get Haircuts

Where do bad folks go when they die? They don't go to heaven where the angels fly They go to the lake of fire and fry Won't see em again 'till the fourth of July - Nirvana: Lake of Fire

the 4 ppl whom without i probably couldnt live

i wanted more than i could steal - Nirvana: Lounge Act

dont want to lie to you, dont want to cause you pain, but its all i ever do, and its driving me insane - Dream Theater, Alone

destroying every town, light it up and burn it down, u may not like it now, but this is how the story ends - How The Story Ends, Megadeth