Me and my friends<3

My name is Kylie Marie(:
I am 14 years old!!!
I will be 15 on september 29th.
Get me something special?<33
I am going to officially be a sophomore on 09.01.10
I can be random crazy loving and hating.
You dont wanna be on my bad side haha
If you have any questions pm or comment me<33

Brandon!!!! Uhm...This is my bestie/mofo.
His name is Brandon if you dummies didnt catch it
the first time lol. He is mah Buddy tooooooooooo
This kid will annoy you flatter you and rape you.
We hang allll the time and we have a super ninja gang
Starting now >.> <.<
The Ninja gang includes. Mofo. Shortie and Kit.
Havent came up with a nickname for kit...oh well....

Ladies and Gentleman!!!! It is the amazing. One and Only Kit!
Yeah I know it was a cheesy introduction.
This is Kit also known as my cyber buddy.
We go around towns and cyber
with noobs lol its funny. Dont worry its nothing serious.
Anyways Kit is totally gorgeous even if she denies it.
Her avi is amazing all the time. She is crazy and random.
I am her sex (thats what she calls me)
She is a random, crazy buttmuncher >.< I think...
Anyways I luff you to death!!!!<333

This is Kira(: She is my gorgeous Bestie<33
She is on the wild side(: She is mahh Homie lol
Anyways she is crazy, amazing, and B E A UTIFUL!
She is just another person I love that I have to add to
this dreadfully long list. GAH KIRA THANKS FOR MAKING ME
LOVE YOU SO DANG MUCH!!!! UGH!!! haha actually im happy
to love her to tell you the ultimate truth<33
Anyways IFLY BBY!! XD Wiff all mah Heart<333

This is the amazing smexi crazy alice<3
She is the love of my life!!(: lol
Her avi is always drop dead gorgeous..No lie
Look for yourself haha....anyways
She is always there for me and i am there for her
even though we have been through some pretty rough spots
but we faught through them and we are still besties
Anyways IFLY BBY!!!! XD

You see this kid? He is very Smexi and he is Umar
My best friend forever(: We have been besties for a long time
and we might be even more then besties....jk jk
He took me to my prom biggrin and I loved it!
He is always there for me and i am there for him
He is very mellow actually which is opposite of me
but opposites attract right? lol
Anyways IFLY BBY XD hope we are bestiez forever!!!

Ok this guy right here is the sexiest guy alive!
His name is Kimball and he is all mine oh yeah
Ladies back off!!!!! jk jk were just Besties(:
Dont hurt him or you gunna get beat(: Just Warnin ya!
Anyways he makes the best avi art he has made me 2
and they are AMAZING!!!!! So if you want avi art?

My avi art done by various artists(:

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User Image
User Image
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User Image

Love these songs<3

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Xxii_rAwR_iixX Report | 09/09/2013 5:23 pm
try this out! send this to10 ppl then press f5 you'll get 10,000 gold
Demonic Laws Report | 03/25/2011 9:19 pm
woop x)
blaz_girl Report | 09/11/2010 8:21 am
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
Selena_Super Report | 09/08/2010 7:02 pm
Vondaz21 Report | 08/24/2010 2:06 pm
lol why you say it got hacked then? The last comment you sent me said that
Vondaz21 Report | 08/24/2010 7:31 am
Sorry to hear you got hacked, how's everything now?
epic pandaboy XD Report | 08/23/2010 11:31 am
ill put it up on my pro ^^
epic pandaboy XD Report | 08/23/2010 11:29 am
aww thx its so smexi biggrin
I can count to potatoe Report | 08/22/2010 7:54 pm
lol rally btw xD
I can count to potatoe Report | 08/22/2010 7:53 pm
come to my room in the least amount one xD
Demonic Laws
pandaboy XD
I can count to potatoe
xo weeknd

My good friend Don(: