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I'm just a girl who dreams too much and is afraid of too much change. I laugh too loud and at all the wrong times. I cry when I'm angry, and shout when I'm glad. I'm not good at handling stress, and I sometimes act not very emotionally stable. I'm good at what I do, an I try to try my hardest at things I don't. I'm a pessimistic person with a happy-go-lucky outlook on life, and I try to not let things get to me. I'm an artist, writer, and photographer(somewhat). I'm cared for by my friends, and hated by my enemies, even though I try to be nice to everyone. I've been called "indie" before, and I guess that's kind of a compliment? But whatever, I don't really care about labels. I've got a boyfriend, he makes me extraordinarily happy, and he's basically everything I could have ever wanted. Life's pretty damn good.