I Quit

I pretty much hate everything in sight most days.
I'm a moody, controllable (if you hit the right spots), teenager.

I look for love in all the wrong places, get stabbed in the back more then needed, and always in need of just a smile.
I can seem a tad crazy sometimes, I have mood swings like your mother, and I probably PMS more then I should. I hate being forced to laugh, and I hate falling in love.
Period, dot, end of the F U C K i N sentence.

I like random friend requests because I love the DECLINE button. Feel free to send me a hate message. I'm running out of insults for people.

I write, I read, I learn through my mistakes that come in a rush. I personally wish I could just go into one of my books, and feel honestly home.
But I cant, this is the real world, I'm not some F a G who's going to believe in something that there isn't any of. There are no F U C K i N Prince Charmings, the peasant never gets the king, and there is never a F U C K i N happily ever ending for the Duchess.
Someone has to always die first.

That being said, I can be a happy person. I enjoy movies, long walks on the beach, ect. My happy buttons are not that hard too push, just show up on my door step, smile at me, and say you're paying for the drinks.
Bingo, you've won a place in my heart already.

A S K .S T U P I D .Q U E S T I O N S