- a fear of being forgotten or ignored

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-can you say RAWR?
-Princess Dizzy. and fall.
-listen to your heart.

Summer Time Is Calling Me

"Baby at the skyline."

Sometimes... I see myself living inside of a tiny, glass bubble. Like a mobile observatory, where I can watch the world around me and not get hurt.. What a dream, right? I can't help it.. there's so many things that I want to learn about, the inner workings of human nature, of human emotions.. I want to test these things and yet I'm scared of the byproducts. Maybe I'm too sensitive for this kind of thing, maybe I.. maybe I should find a different hobby. But I think it's this kind of thing that helps me to become great. That helps me to become smarter.. but I'm not sure. I'm always second guessing myself. And I apologize a lot, an incessant amount, really. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please don't get mad. Please don't cry. Please don't yell. I have a fear of anger. There are times when I want to live inside of a tiny, glass bubble. That's where I've always been anyways, somewhere else that no one my age seemed to understand.. they climb one step and stop, thinking that's good. Or I'm a freak to them and they just want me locked away, like into a bubble or a cage. I'm sorry I have perspective, I'm sorry that I see things this way. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm sorry if this isn't correct in any way, shape or form. I'll try to fix this. As I speak, or type really, my little, tiny glass bubble is cracking...


Why are you erasing our memories, why why