Hello and welcome.=]
I've decided to spruce this up and make it sound a bit more lively and nice, so here goes nothing:
My true name is not important. If you don't already know that you can just call me by some shortened variation of my user name.
I am of the age of 18 and am about to start college and get it out of the way before I embark on my globetrotting adventures that I hope to continue for many years of my life before borrowing into a nice little secluded realm in the old world.
I've been described by most as weird, odd, unusual, silly, cute, intelligent, shy (until you get to know me), thoughtful, a day dreamer, open-minded, nonjudgmental, and stubborn.
I view myself as a deep thinker, who's always more caught up in her own thoughts, rather than the latest gossip. I normally can accept anyone's oddities, as long as they don't lie on the border of being psychotic. Truly crazy people can by creepy.
To truly sum myself up, it would be best just to say I'm not normal and of a rare species of human that I'm sure you'll find very few of.
I like to word things oddly, so be careful with what you take to heart. Normally, what I say is much deeper and symbolic then you would think. I am full of double meanings and hidden truths. Its fun to see if anyone's wise enough to truly hear my meaning, though it rarely occurs. So, why not try and be the first?=]
I rely heavily on hopes and dreams, so more often not, they're what I'm focused on. But, what better to hold on to than the future, right? You never know what it could have in store for you, so it allows curiosity to be endless.
Another trait of mine is indeed my curious nature. Don't try and start something if you're truly not wanting to tell the whole story. I have my ways of finding out everything one way or another if my interest is strong enough. Don't believe me? Then just wait and learn.
Reality has never been my thing either. I'm always looking for the person of my dreams who can set me free from this modern day web. I can't imagine their being a better life than that of creating another world with your soul mate, even if it isn't permanent and can only allow breaks here and then.
So, I believe that's about all I wish to tell about myself to all of you, my fellow Gaians. If you'd like to know more, then leave a message or comment. I also have a MSN messenger account if you'd like to chat on it as well: blush_response@live.com


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hehe ^-^ its fine! <3
School has been draining me ><; i am so tired! D:

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surprised yay now both our avis are super duper colorful fantastic arturifica xD;...lol <3

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Your avi looks super,awesome,colorful and amazing! heart
Sabra Knight

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Sabra Knight

I know right? o:

My summer's been okay. I just can't believe it's already August. Scary. I'm kinda looking forward to classes but at the same time, I'm nervous. So I'll just have to see what it feels like to be on campus in a couple of weeks. xD What about you? How have you been? C:

Lol! We are! Rainbows -n- puffy hair. ;3 Nice.

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can i please have the yama no tomago
leo the fallen one

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leo the fallen one

thanks for the buy i gess

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Hello :]

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Hi,What are you up too?

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Yes, very much so ,I have won lots of awards for my art.Have you?


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