the things that YOU need to know:

My parent's graced me with the name Jessica when I was brought into this world.
I am a severely interesting and amazing 24 year old.
It took me a VERY long time to learn how to and remember how to spell my middle name.
I'm head over heels IN LOVE with the most amazing person.<3
If it's green...chances are I LOVE it.
On more than one occasion I have been told that I'm random, confusing, and like to ramble.
I enjoy video games, even if I give up easy, don't play them 24/7 and suck at them.
Survival Horror Games Are My Favorite.
Bioshock 1 & 2, HURRY UP INFINITE
Final Fantasy 7,8,10 are amazing.
Zelda--->Ocarina of Time,Majora's Mask,Twilight Princess <3
Silent Hill 2,3,4,Origins<3, Homecoming was decent, Shattered Memories can go screw itself.
I love to read fantasy books mostly.
Repetition annoys me to know end. I wish I knew the word for people who can't tolerate it.
Music is used in my daily life to help me escape and get some me time, inside my head but not really. If I'm pissed it's loud, if I'm sad so is it. It helps regulate my moods.
=^.^=I LOVE CATS =^.^=
It's been brought to my attention on several occasions that I word the things I say in a way that is unusual to the rest of the normal people in everyday life. That's fine, I see it as a way to make me unique.
Sometimes I could swear I was born in the wrong time.
I am INDECISIVE, it's nearly impossible for me to settle on a decision and if I do manage to do so it takes a very long time.
I can't stand repetition, but I play songs over and over again for long periods of time if I like them.


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emotion_bigheart Love you lady emotion_bigheart
Shinsengumi Sengoku
awful-ly delirious

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awful-ly delirious

Oh that would be lovely actually, my username on Kik is awfullydelirious, just message me whenever you get this. c:

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Hahah! He really should have tried to take over the world with charm instead of force. I'm pretty sure it would have worked. xd

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lol whee

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I just got stuck staring at your sig for like, five minutes. Looookkkkiiiiiiiiii.... eek heart
Akina the Neko x3

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Akina the Neko x3

hehe x3

I love your Profile *~* whee
Akina the Neko x3

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Akina the Neko x3

Hay hay x3

Let's learn German whee

Liebe Grüße Akina :3

Mh i dont now what Liebe Grüße menas in English o.o
Talk to you later like xD

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Laaaady~!!! whee

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cool avi ! =D


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