about the girl behind the avatar...

THE 411;;
Don't be shocked people die;be surprised your still alive. If I told you everything about me, would it make a difference? Would it make you like me better? Hate me more? The only things people really know about me is that Im Rachel eff' baybee. 12 years and growing. Vietnamese and Chinese. I can put people to shock and get them to be surprised with the things I can do. As well as the things I will say. I say what I feel. If you dont agree then sucks. Theres big red "X" button in the corner for haters, biters, & jockers. People who judge others are pathetic. My personality will blow you away. Since I'm amazingly unique inside&out. I can prove to you I'm not like any other person you've ever seen or met. Pinky promise. So go figure.
shh :3
gimme love!<3