Welp school has started, only this time I find myself constantly falling asleep in class. Not a great way to start off the year. Anyways, I'm still around poking my head a couple of places on this website. Feel free to have a chat whenever you wish.

    Looks like it's summer time, and that means more free time! I'll be coming back to Gaia a bit more often, but not nearly as much as I used to. Perhaps I will once summer school ends and I finish my summer assignments -cough- haven't even started -cough-. Anyways, just an update to let you guys know. You haven't seen the last of me yet~! Also, I've resulted to other online games, such as LoL. So if you happen to play, feel free to add: Carefree Tea [:

    Dear friends/people who care,
    Okay. As you guys can already assume, I pretty much quit Why you may ask? Well I can't really find the time to go on anymore. School's been draggin' me down, and I've occupied my time with studying for classes. Of course that does not mean that I regret ever joining Gaia. The reason why I've stayed on this website for years was because I enjoyed talking to the people here on this website, and although I probably won't see any of you guys again, I would like to say I've really enjoyed my time on this website with you guys, because frankly I would have quit long ago. For those of you guys asking "h3y c4n 1 h4v3 ur stuff pl0x" sorry but I'm going to keep my account the way it is. Perhaps one day I'll return but I doubt that anyone would remember me by then. So for those of you guys on my friendlist and see this, go ahead and delete me, or keep me as a friend I don't care. I've had many great moments on Gaia, but it's time for me to focus on school; not that I don't care about this website anymore, it's just that I think it's better for me to just focus on studying.

    With love, hugs, kisses, glomps, nom noms,

    Oh hai there.
    The name's Pika, and it's so nice of you to stop by my profile. You can probably find me posting in CB, or on zOMG. But most likely on zOMG I go on there almost daily; although I haven't gone on much lately, usually only for smobbing/smebbing. Limited computer hours on the weekdays means that you'll see me more on weekends. Yes I like Pokemon; Flygon is my favorite Pokemon. I like stuff, like dragon fruit. I like to draw, I don't think I'm very good though. Regarding the music on my profile; Yes I like kpop. 2NE1, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and others suit me fancy. Taking a short hiatus from Gaia. Anyways, feel free to comment or pm to say hello.
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