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omg mahal kita!!!!!


Coenred Clarke: Coenred is an Anglo-Saxon name, while Clarke means 'clerk' or 'scholar'.


Oxford has short blond hair, which is gelled at the front. His usual attrie consists of a pair of sunglasses that sits on his head, a white school shirt under a navy blazer, a black tie, navy trousers and shoes. His eyes are turquoise, which is a combination of the color of Saxony's and England's eyes. He also has semi-thick eyebrows.

Personality and Interests:

Oxford has the oldest university of the English-speaking world, something which he brags about, but others don't believe him. Oxford is intelligent like his fraternal twin sister Cambridge. Being raised by Saxony in his younger years, Oxford inherited Saxony's interest in reading.
Oxford dresses as a student, but doesn't act like one. Even so, he remains proud of his home and is polite and formal towards strangers. If it's around his friends, he shows his true colors. He doesn't believe in magic and being a very 'pure' person, he doesn't believe in gaining anything if you commit a crime.


Father (Figure): Saxony (deceased)
Brother/s: England/Britain, Liverpool
Sister/s: Cambridge/Cambridgeshire, London, Glasgow, Plymouth


Main Account: Cramuccino
Name: Carlos
Age: 14
Origin: Philippines
Preferred Language: English
Hobbies: Drawing
Likes: Electro (Music)
Dislikes: ???
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