Aye my name is Keyshia. Say it, scream it, moan it, but i own it. By the way i love to party my butts off." I am 1- and I blow my candles out on Jul.10. I am very Goofy so deal with it. You dont like meh?? I DONT GIVE A FU CK!! However, I am very nice and sweet once u get to kno the real me. I loves hugs and kisses. I love and i hate. Just to let u kno i flirt A LOT, so dont think i like u right away unless i tell u i do. The most important words to me in the world are Hoez and Slutz<3. Well yeah thats pretty much it.
woves chu
~Keyshiaaaaaaaaaa Babiee
Pm. To No more <3....