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Get better, Leeteuk-ah!
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You, too, Heechul-ah!
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Don't you love high school? Going to the Philippines this summer, CAN'T WAIT! Gotta meet some more asians so I can feel better about myself!

First things first, don't be surprised if we talk and I state something bluntly. I have a certain dry humor and a straightforwardness that usually insults people around me. I guess you can say I'm not your average girl. People love to stare at me when I'm being myself. Stare at us with those horrible normal looks! *sighs* Why must they all be normal?

Girls in my school are sooo bitchily annoying. Who knew Suburbia could have so much god damn drama?

I am a FilAm A.K.A. A Filipino American... First American born in the family > biggrin Mwaha! I can speak Tagalog and some Ilocano. But I understand more than I can speak, so yeah. smile I like to listen to Paraokya Ni Edgar & Rivermaya. Plus, I watch ASAP on Sundays xD So, yes, I am in tune with mah Filipino side razz

I'm a teenager (That's all I'll say), I'm 5 foot 2 inches (I'm not short. I'm funsized razz ), my body is in-between. Not too skinny, not too big. I have auburn hair. I have dark brown eyes, unless you look at them in the light.

My personality (According to others) consists of these things:
~Maternal; My friends are considered my second family-- I'm of course the mom with about 10 children and one husband who's none of my kids' dad.
~Kind (Open)-hearted; Well, I will listen to your problems or help if you need anything.
~Tempermental; Yeah, I know THAT'S a fact.
~Deep-Thinker; I spend a lot of my time thinking xD

Yeah, since I'm a gemini, I'm a dual personalitied (Is that a word? xD) person. I rarely get pissed but when I do, you better back the hell away, man! biggrin

I like to listen to Music. ESPECIALLY: K-POP, F-ROCK, Pop, J-ROCK, Rock, 80's

I play my guitar, skateboard, like to play football, kickball and maybe some baseball if I'm in a really good mood and read long books or sleep .


I peeve Boring people, stereotypes, people who think they're God, Bitchy people, Being bored
My music spans from: reggae to pop to rock and to Asian songs biggrin

Name: Jae
Age: I'm a teenager smile
Gender: Got the chest and the S-Line so...
Favorite Color: Orange, red, yellow, black, blue, lime green, pink
Status: 5 feet and 2 inches off the ground and happily single.
Are you happy with your status?: Of course. The guys in my school are DOGS. I would like to meet a nice asian boy.
Do you like Drugs: No.
What kind of musica do you prefer: I prefer, KPOP, Hip-Hop, Rock
OMG Kai likes Hip-Hop: Freak YEAH! > biggrin ANYTHING I CAN DANCE TO.
What's your theme song right now?: You're My Melody - DBSK
Have you ever had your share of heartbreaks?: Of course I have.
Do you have a crush on anyone right now: DBSK? Haha.
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