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Birthday: 10/17



Hey!! Im Rachel!! xx

I'm 13 years young xD

I lurv all meh friendz and meh best cuz x_iiCookieBear xD

Single?? Yeshhh

♥ luv des peoples!!♥
Caoimhe / Maggy xD

Jelly not Jelloo

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Jellyfish migration xD

Leave meh a comment or add meh if you want xP


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Eyy This Be Matt aka Kid-Matt x3 Hacking My Bestiee[;
She Get Caked' On October18th So Mark' Tht On
Your Calanderr'! Her names Rachiee So Get tht straight[;
She's THIRT33N! She be rocking the color babyblue every where she goes[:
i've know her for bout a yr i think[; shes' nice;
funny;wild;random;and more but cant list[;
Shes' a
But shes my dork[; haha xD
Once You get to know her She's a really Good Friend
tht u can Trust[; ima stop here[;

>> July1409' <<
-- Matt(: --

Hey Everyone is yo boi sal aka sally hacking mi Buddies page
Mi and ranchy click like dat she is cool, Awesome, and caring
oh and i forgot stubborn sometimes lmao she don't know when
to lose lolz =P we always fight about wat gelitin is really called
but we all know its jelly NOT jello alright ranchy so get yo facts
straight We hang in rallys sometimes not anymore cuz she doesnt
come on much which sucks cuz i got no one to pick on lolz
well i better stop here before i right a whole story lmao
oh and i for Got Guys she is
SINGLE so get at her lmao
just don't mess with her cuz i will mess u up ight ranchy
i'mma bounce now lolz Catch u in rally or where ever =]
Love ure buddy sal aka sally =]
7-15-2k9 Pce RAnchy wanchy >.<

Ayyyooooo!!! this be Gilli hacking my bezziee cuzz Rach aka Ranchy xD
Well ehh i dunno where to start haha theres too much to say so im gonna leave it short =]
Okay so her name is Rachel i think everyone knows that haha and she'll be blowing 14 candles on October 18th soo all u people better get her a pressie xP
Wow too many memories we had haha.. lemme think oh yeah...
1. We play Sumo Oo (stuffing pillow in our tops and bashing each other lmaoo) its funn!
2. Drinking coke and pretending to be drunk =P
3. The biig a** moth flying in her kitchen and i dropped my bread crusts all over the floor xD
4. Our midnight feasts
5. All- nighters ( means staying up till the morning! no sleep at all)
6. our very famous phrase "Hello-lo warrup girlfriend"
7. WE both hate Jenny haha
8. Non-stop laugh attacks
Okay i think thats all coz theres too many lmaoo...
Anyways well shes awesome haha and tooo chatty... always gets hyper soo easily and shes a weirdo xD but love her haha
Okay leave it at this buhbyeee.... toodles
Oh yeah and rach always says "peace to the world" before she poofs haha ..... freak xP
righteo ilu.... Gilli =][/color
ll iStayFresh ll
Zaspaliq Guz
Kid-Matt x3
x-Elmo Is Gangstah-x

My bma in real life -xX

My 2 cuz in real life... Lol

<---- Stephen

<---- Nick got banned!! xD

<---- Sal

<---- Kaylee

<---- Alan



<----Sera got banned!! xP


<--- Nick


<--- Jesse