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info about me

Call me HayKay. I mean it, call me. If you got the reference *claps enthusiastically* Anywho, I'm 14 (15 in March), live in Oregon, and have been messing around with various Gaia accounts since 2009. I'm a pansexual Wiccan, so I'm pretty damn accepting. I'm also a huge yaoi fangirl - on top of being a major Otaku (yes, I'm aware that "otaku" isn't meant as a compliment - but neither is "freak" and I am one HELL of a freak.) I really like music (I'm not too terrible of singer if I do say so myself) and writing, as well as reading. I've been wanting to learn about mechanics but haven't had the time - I just really want to restore an old car (Liiiike, maybe a '68 Shelby GT Cobra???)
If you want to know me better, drop me a line 3nodding

dA: http://otaku7727.deviantart.com/

Yours Fearlessly,

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