Hm.. What should I whine about today in my most uninteresting emo style? Ah yes. I've got naturally almost black hair, light brown eyes & inbetween tan&pale skin. Odd? Yes, I know. I listen to: punk-po-, punk, punk-rock, rock, emo, heavy metal, screamo.. etc. You get the point right? Great, awesome, rad etc! Well, my life revolves around music & I wouldn't be here if I didn't listen to it, &I'm in a band which I'd love to name "Drop Dead Seriously", but it's up my mates. Life is good with chocolate, friends, movies & my boyfriend Christopher. Whom I like very much.. I'm extremely over emotional & hate it when people joke about suicide because I have been & am suicidal.. So.. Yeah, Love my friends & 'Rici' my bestest friend on Gaia. "J00 r0x0rz my s0x0rz" or something like that. Yes, wanna talk about how much of a poetic loser I am, PM me. I go on once a week.


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counting down till the day i die


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jaiiymee x3

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jaiiymee x3

oh yeah [&] nice avvie.
jaiiymee x3

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jaiiymee x3

adorable name. lol i dunno i saw it on forums..

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hello. xP

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hey! like my new avater look? xD


youre the softest star && the harshest kiss ive ever felt..
and i dont know if i can make it without you this time
[yu cant spell believe without lie]