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So you wanted to know something about me?


Yes, I know that my profile has been very dull and empty for few months... Or years, not quite sure. So now, I have decided to pump it up with energy and random stuff! I shall tell you something about myself, but first: I WANT YOU TO ASK QUESTIONS! Whatever random you want. And I will answer, but please, please do not ask anything inaproppriate (ToS's rules, people!).
PM me, or type your question into my comment box!

But now some normal things about me:

Name: Wonla. Not my real name, I think I'll leave it for later.

Gender: Yes, I am a girl. A bit boyish sometimes, but still a 100% girl.

Location: Finland. Surprised? Or thinking: "That explains her horrible spelling...". I can admit, that I am from the land of thousand lakes, the land of Santa... etc. But don't judge the book by where it is from!

And this is where you guys step in! Now send me some questions, whatever is on your mind! You don't even have to be my friend!

And if you can't think of any good questions, you can also help me with BBCode and my profile layout ... I'm not a master of that, so I hope that someone could help me.

See you in zOMG!



Yay, my 4 first questions are here!

shuuyin harabagee
i got three questions for ya.
1. what do you think of zombies?
2. what do you think of naruto?
3.and finally what do you think of my profile?
p.s. what do you think of gaia?

1. *answer in progress*

2. I watched naruto for about 170 episodes, but then all the filler was too much for me. I'm still reading the manga though. As a character, Naruto is pretty annoying sometimes, but I like him! I'm quite sure, that Naruto is the reason, why my Avis are very often ninja-related. (mask, katana, etc...)

3. Your profile took a while to load on my computer because of all the stuff, but I can see that you are a huge Naruto fan! It looks very nice and naruto-ish (not sure if that's a real word, but I'm sure you got the point!) :>

and the last one: Gaia is awesome. Really nice and friendly people, fun games, epic threads and all the random lol! I have been here almost 3 years, and I have enjoyed my time here. Gaia has also been a good place for me to practise my english xD Oh, and I shouldn't forget about all the events! I wish Gaia could organize another rejected olympics!



ll alisaur ll

Heloooo! ;D

I gota random question, ,>.>
Have you ever forgot to take off your socks before you got in the shower? O.o

THE ANSWER: Yay, a random question!<3 Hmm... not really. Does it count if I have stepped on a wet bathroom floor with my socks on? That wasn't nice D: Wet socks = DO NOT WANT




I gots a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would you do if a random hot guy came up to you and hugged ya?

and the answer is: First, hug back <3
Then I'd blush a lot and be all like "wtf just happened?" o///o
And then.... maybe I'd run away or say something stupid xD


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Risumsato Ryu Report | 01/02/2011 5:06 pm
Risumsato Ryu
Gee im not sure wat i'd do if a guy hugged me rolleyes i guess first of all im not gay second im not gay question solved... stare
Helium Report | 10/18/2010 9:05 am
Thank you for buying my item (:User Image
french kiss me deep Report | 10/14/2010 10:56 am
french kiss me deep
eevee told me to tell u thx
french kiss me deep Report | 10/13/2010 2:33 pm
french kiss me deep
inapropriate question sorry but my friend wants to know
french kiss me deep Report | 10/13/2010 2:31 pm
french kiss me deep
hey what item makes your boobs big?
takochuu Report | 07/12/2010 11:42 am
*pokes* Heyy good luck on getting shadowlegend!
WTF brady Report | 06/29/2010 9:48 am
WTF brady
hey wonla
Spooderman Report | 06/29/2010 7:12 am
I gots a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would you do if a random hot guy came up to you and hugged ya?
Vesperi Report | 06/28/2010 11:49 am
i tried getting back but anchor bug is not on the server list sad I miss you guys
Vesperi Report | 06/28/2010 11:44 am
I lost the server sad

Just kidding! :3