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Well then... Hello? o.o Either I know you, or I don't, but I suppose that I might as well introduce myself, eh? You may call me Des or Rose. I am 23 years old, currently in a relationship. and have been since October of 2011 cat_redface Uhh...... The End....?

Wait what? Wanna know more about me? Meh, a bit nosey I see >~> Well, I like to play video games. I spend most of my time on my Playstation4 playing Final Fantasy 14 Realm Reborn and other games, so feel free to me if you wanna game together. Hrmm... what else.... well, I like to read manga and watch anime, though as fair warning, dont be surprised if I started up on something then stopped after the first few episodes.... im good at that >.> Welp... I guess that's all for now. PM me if you have a question, yesh?

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SKYPE USERNAME (or email me I guess?): blackgoth101@gmail.com or live:blackgoth101

PS4 USERNAME: OneDestynee


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