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whats happenin dudes. my name is brian. im a pretty chill guy im really into football and my car. yeah thats right i drive. i like to have fun and hang out with people so talk to me.


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ashleymarielove Report | 01/02/2011 8:45 pm
its just plain weird. and more so since that party. you upset me soooooo much that night.
ashleymarielove Report | 07/03/2010 11:08 am
uhm....no. im not going to. remember the whole "brother/sister" thing? thats all i would ever want with you. jesus brian.
ashleymarielove Report | 06/27/2010 7:26 pm
i know who then. i can tell by the way your acting. and i will tell you this, its not happening.
ashleymarielove Report | 06/23/2010 8:29 pm
who do you miss? im just being nosey....you know me.
ashleymarielove Report | 05/30/2010 10:24 pm
yeah i did see you there and i was going to say something but i really thought that you were like mad at me. remember the old days where you and i claimed eachother as brother and sister. i miss that.
ashleymarielove Report | 05/20/2010 6:11 pm
ashleymarielove Report | 05/20/2010 4:59 pm
im not ******** stupid. and i am not controling either. you think im telling you what to do? no i really am not. and thanks for telling me about myself, id like to hear what you have to say.
ashleymarielove Report | 05/18/2010 8:01 pm
what happened to me?! i didnt take the same path that you did. look where you ended up. i am perfectly fine wiht my life and who i am and you still need help. but im not going to puch you aways because your still messed up if you need me text me or call me. i will help just don tact like a total badass, be humble.
ashleymarielove Report | 05/18/2010 7:45 pm
thats exactly what i mean. your all talk. and dont start your s**t again. you really get to me with that.
ashleymarielove Report | 05/17/2010 4:49 pm
so im already hearin rumors again. you better not spread s**t. i know you can be mouthy and all but i got people if you start up again. its not cool.