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Thanks Jenny for buying me the swinging doll and the animation above. ^^;

Hello, My name is Wenny. I play Rebirth Ro. My highest is level 120. Most of the time, I just like to talk and go afk a lot. My brother Steven also plays Ro. My sister Jenny, played zero but is crashed. I'm a gamer. Born in Minnesota, currently living in Texas.

Anise Tatlin
Job: Champion
Level: 150
Donations?: Yes

I got Kingdom Hearts 2 a few weeks ago and I love it. So, I'm full of Kingdom Hearts love right now. I loved Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia. Disgaea was a tough game and finished the game but not the sidequests. Laharl is level 139. I played Maple Story but I quited at level 45. My sister, now and then, goes on my account and levels her. (O.o)

I quited a Gaia, but now I'm back cause I have friends to hang out with on this site. I wish to collect more gaia items in the future and look stylish or just for fun.

And I love fishes. Their just so Adorable!!! Plus a Final Fantasy VII lover. I'm Chinese and Vietnamese and check out my deviantart.

Shugo Chara! is my favorite series. The manga and anime are still on going. I recommend you to read. The manga is way better than the anime. I am an Amuto fan of course. I also like to chat on forums, like Guardian's Wish forums.

Shugo Chara! isn't just your average mahou shoujo. Amu is like any typical young girl who is mistaken for being cool at her school, when she really isn't. Her Guardian characters then help her express herself more. What's different from this series is that Amu is in 5th grade at first and she's like in love with this high school student named Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Shugo Chara! has even won an award too!!!! Any ways, I am really into this series!!!!