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welian, formerly known as Eylios, formerly known as neon-neon, formerly known as NeoNeon, formerly known as SoundEXE.

As of January 2015, I no longer roleplay on Gaia Online. However, if you want to reconnect and catch up, you can find me in a few various places:

Discord: welian#6782

Tumblr: https://welian.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wisewelian

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097012493/

RpNation: https://www.rpnation.com/members/welian.11743/

Iwaku: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/members/galgallin.21231/

Overwatch: neoneon#11199


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i am sad mami Report | 01/23/2022 2:16 pm
hiiiii ^^
Scythe de Zaran Report | 10/08/2021 2:59 pm
Hey, what's up?
Scythe de Zaran Report | 06/21/2020 8:59 am
Major delayed response, but...yeah...seems like that's a common issue these days with everyone being busy and posting slowing down >.<
Scythe de Zaran Report | 05/23/2020 8:30 am
Well, that's a bummer.... they trying to take over the rp themselves?
Scythe de Zaran Report | 05/17/2020 9:41 am
Long time no hear! How are you?
negasonic teenage warhead Report | 01/22/2020 6:28 pm
hewwo how r u...<3
The Unknown Shadow Report | 12/05/2019 5:22 pm
Missing you too!
Roukei Ren Report | 07/09/2019 7:30 pm
You still here?
The Unknown Shadow Report | 01/28/2019 11:40 am
I don’t know when you’ll be back, but as of this moment, you might be the only active friend I have left on here.
i am sad mami Report | 01/25/2019 10:44 am
omg ty!! I've been working on it a lot the past few days ^^


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