I'm Straight. O: I swear.
But that was just the last time I checked. 8]

Draw me? :3

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- Perfect Tea

My unfinished dream avi. I've yet to find undies for myself.

I doubt I'll ever get it all, I would hate to request for all these items I used to have.

The halo for instance. T T

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>> Okay okay, hey guys. What up?

I don't really know what to say about me. When I think of something, I'll be sure to put it up.

Right now, all I really have to say is that I'm a Gaia oldbie. I know it says that I registered this year, but I've had more than one account. x] Anyway, I miss the old Gaia.

And I happen to be poor. D: I've had too many giveaways and I donate to much, and I just realize how much that hurt me. So help out?

Hmm. Well, for me I love absolutely everything. Currently playing is Mika, who I've been obsessed with all summer. But I listen to all genres, even classical and country. In fact I love country. xD And I guess I don't really listen to jazz, but I listen to Norah Jones... and she's jazz-ish.

I try to find the bands that no one else has really heard of, it makes me feel good about myself, but I'm not always successfull in that. Hmmm. So yeah, I do have extreme ADD with profile music sometimes, so bear with me.


I'm a huge reader, and writer at that. I'm a fiction reader, and a fantasy reader.

I think my favorite author is Chuck Palaphniuk, J.R.R. Tolkein, and J.K. Rowling. I'll never get enough Harry Potter. xD Sadly, I even write fan fiction about it... but I lost all of my work. So I'm starting a new one.

I also like to write randomly, and try to make an interesting story but I always give up because I get new ideas and I just get confused. D: So yeah. I love books.

I'm also working at a bookstore this winter... I hope. D:

Err. I don't really know. I watch all kinds of movies.

Resident Evil and Jurassic Park are still giving me nightmares. Same with The Demon. I swear I was possessed after that movie. > <;

But I love Fight Club, and movies of the like.

And the Presteige [the magician movie or whatever.] Christian Bale is lovee. Same with Angelina Jolie. D:
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