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The Dragon's Den

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Last Login: 05/17/2016 10:26 pm

Registered: 07/10/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Australia

Birthday: 07/01

Maddness Lies Within

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The Dragon Influence and Other Short Lived Tales

My life and maybe some made up stuff

My Story

BJ Dragon

A Brief History:

BJ grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her two older brothers, Dale and Jason, and her father. A smart but slightly socially awkward girl she excelled through school academically and athletically. After stepping out of her final exam of the Higher School Certificate she was greeted with a phone call that shattered her world; her father had dies in an accident in the family shop. After sinking into a depression, questioning her whole existence, she received acceptance into Psychology at Sydney University, however unsure that this is what she wanted anymore, she wandered town and stumbled across an Indy league wrestling show. Fascinated by this she started attending and eventually got involved.

By the time she was 19 she had held the women’s title a record number of times and was scouted by some American leagues. Packing up and leaving her homeland, she ventured into the American realm, developing a name for herself, and as fate would have it, becoming highly decorated and accomplished, elevating herself to what would later be deemed as a legend.

After growing weary of the American world she looked to expand her horizons and disappeared in to the vast unknowns of Tokyo. Here she met her greatest friend and ally, Sahara de Lioncourt, a half French and half Japanese girl. After initial clashes these two become a yin and yang, taking out some of the greatest tag teams. Through Sahara, BJ became involved with the Tateshi family, a yakuza family, and namely their middle son, Tateshi Hayato. Their forbidden love affair hindered by the previously arranged marriage that Hayato is trying to escape.

Sahara vanished to America in 2010, leaving BJ to continue her dominance of the Tokyo track, proving that she was and still is a tenacious and fierce competitor. But eventually she found herself craving the familiar blaze that only the American market could bring and found herself returning back to America, Hayato and his men in tow. Much like Sahara and Hayato’s younger brother Kai.


Name: BJ Dragon
Home town: Sydney, Australia
Heel or Face: Face
Height: 5"2
Age: 27 (1/7/1985)
Gender: Female

In ring look:
After several years in Japan, her fashion style is rather edgy; she has a brilliant red fringe that sweeps across her left eye with the rest of her long hair a black, usually tied up into a pony tail. In the ring she has traded her traditional long flared tights for a dark blue pair of mini shorts with red stockings underneath, her wrestling boots sit just an inch below her knees. Her midriff top resembles a black and red dragon made of fabric wrapping around her upper torso.

General look:

User Image

BJ is a fresh faced girl, she doesn’t look the 26 years she actually is. This doesn’t stop her from being a fierce person in general. There is a reason they call her Dragon.

Entrance music: With the Fire - Fozzy

Entrance Description:

The lights in the arena dim, smoke rising from the stage, obscuring the entrance in its haze. The screen flashes a night scene of Tokyo from some high and darkened room. The silhouette of a girl in the window. The spoken words echoed around the arena:

The first angel poured out his bowl onto the Sun
And the sun was given fire to scorch people

The old familiar song erupted the crowd into a concordance laced with extactic cheers.

The cheers reached a deafing proportions as a black and red dragon flew across the Titontron, breathing flames which sparked pyrotechnics across the smoke filled stage.

I am the best in the game shoot you down in flames and the power I will command
I hear the roar of the crowd as I reach for my crown
Tonight I am the King
Can't Take me down

The titontron was now emblazoned with the words BJ Dragon in a flaming bold text flashing in and out between scenes of the pint sized Aussie girl doing her thing in the ring.

Pyrotechnics continue to flare across the stage as BJ emerges from the smoke laden entrance and progresses to the ring. Stepping through the second rope onto the mat, she bounces across the ring onto the opposite turnbuckle, taunting the crowd into excitement.

She jumps into the centre of the ring and pauses for a second before throwing her right fist into the air, as pyrotechnics erupt from the turnbuckles.

Signature moves:
Lionsault pin, Senton bomb, Spear(close range usually never from the ropes or turnbuckles), hurricanrana. Generally BJ is a fleet and highflying wrestler but does descend into outright Brawling

The Dragon Influence (The Unprettier)
The Dragon Tamer (Modified (heavily) Mexican surfboard: whilst on opponents back, both opponents arms pulled backwards and both BJ's knees buried into their back - Submission)

E- Fed Wrestling Highlights



(With all consideration that I am sure there are some missing. It has been a while)

GWF Womens (Multiple)
AWF Champion
Newf Champion
WWE Dream Team Champion
IWF Champion
RWE Champion
AWF Heatwave Tag Champ
Sexes Champ (Battle Of The Sexes Wrestling)
OECW Intergender Champ
US Champ XWE
Intergender Champ OECW (Three Times)
AWF Peoples Champ
NWWE Womens Champ,
XWE Womens Champ,
WWCW Womens Champ
OECW Intergender Champ (Four Times)


Currently her best friend and often her tag team partner is Sahara de Lioncourt, a half French half Japanese wrestler from Tokyo.

User Image

During her sojourn to Japan, she began an awkward and secret relationship with the middle son of a Yakuza family, Hayato Tateshi. The relationship is forbidden and condemned by his father and even though they are on the other side of the world, it is still somewhat open and secret.

User Image


User Image

Oppan Morgan Style biggrin


Love Letters

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Mmmmmm Cheeseburger.
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Simply because I decided to get on here for a moment, i only wanted to say i hope BJ Dragon is still ruling the ring as The Maverick once did haha
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Omg you're not dead?
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A lazy revival of sorts, Ima flop about for a bit, wave hello to Masked if you see him before he decides to attack someone.
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Oh, BJ-chan, those last two PMs you sent me were pretty much blank. I have no idea what you were gonna say XD
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...hai BJ. xd
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I miss you quite alot. Its a shame
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