I'm a dude ๐Ÿ˜‚
I am back it's been a long time for me to go on gaia online I decided to change a lot of things up I've been working on many different things or trying to

But right now I'm working on original characters as well as going back on to Gaia. It seems like a lot of things change

The character I am working on is one of my original characters I had for a while. A Dark Elf character name Alasha Discordia the avi you see ^u^ named after a certain other dark elf girl I like.
There's other original characters I made

Vixen the devil Barbarian

Alice the devil bikini clad Warrior

Mitsugane the fox

Eureka sexy goblin girl thief

I'm working on zbrush a program that I usually creating various characters with I'm still practicing with a zbrush. And many other things I'm working on.

I'm also after fafnir items I have most of them but I'm collecting all of them๐Ÿ˜


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GAR-gaia and other stuff of mine


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Kawaii Hawaii Juvia

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Kawaii Hawaii Juvia

Ooooooh okay, I can see that now ^^
Kawaii Hawaii Juvia

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Kawaii Hawaii Juvia

Cool user name btw ^^ Its kinda Christian like. I approve lol.
Constipated Trillionaire

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Constipated Trillionaire

From alchemy. Check out my thread, should explain things:

Constipated Trillionaire

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Constipated Trillionaire

Thank you! biggrin
One HeII of a Butler

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One HeII of a Butler

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เฎœ ฯšebastian ำichaelis เฎœ


~Why, I'm nothing more than~

Why, thank you.~

~One hell of a butler~

Tears of Zero

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Tears of Zero

Thanks for buying~ heart 3nodding
Oath to Ouroboros

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Oath to Ouroboros

You've change your name once again, old friend.
Oath to Ouroboros

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Oath to Ouroboros

That's good.
: D
Oath to Ouroboros

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Oath to Ouroboros

How is Athena?