Undergoing heavy retconning.

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"What do your personal demons tell you to do?"

Designation: Lady LaserStrike
Skill: 8
Speed: 8
Strength: 6
Courage: 8
Endurance: 7
Intelligence: 8
Name: LaserStrike
Sub-group: Seeker Type
Alliance: Freelance/Neutral
Motto: "Life is a warzone. Adapt. Evolve. Never surrender!"
Primary Function: Assassin
Alternate Modes: Cybertronian Jet
Personality Traits


-Earth's clubbing scene
- Sparring
- A good hunt
- Tough mechs
- Anything to do with Earth's WWII era.
-Most Autobots
-Her first bounty hunting partner Skidlock
-People who mess with her zen man
Brief bio

Very little is known of this femme's past apart from the fact that she at one stage was a towerling of the Neutral disposition and had many fellow Neutrals under her care at a Neutral encampment up until she left to partake in the war herself, several Earth years after the mech that was to be her sparkmate, DataLink, left to fight alongside the Autobots.

LaserStrike eventually began to lean more towards the Decepticons and came to provide them with assistance whenever a bounty or assassination job was placed by none other than Megatron himself, but her Neutral upbringing and ideals prevent her from making herself a permanent member of their ranks, freedom is better than being tied down to a faction that didn't exactly make a good reputation for itself.