A mirror to the moon.

I'm your local lavish lunatic, an eccentric but generally well-meaning Gaian whose main hobbies are Anonymous Gifting, hosting Giveaways within Guilds, hunting down difficult-to-find items and dressing up in seemingly endless kimono, hanfu and gown ensembles. I've also taken a liking to contributing to sinking gold wherever possible.

I'm generally very honest, but not at all to the point. If you want a short post, you're talking to the wrong person.

Currently on semi-hiatus: I'm a little difficult to reach and generally slow to reply at the moment! Please forgive me if I'm late with quotes and messages.

Questing: Prizes and gold for Anons and Giveaways! These are my favorite habits here on Gaia, so I'm always saving for them.

As for me, my most wanted items presently are Noble Fleur de Reve, Forest After Dusk, Autumn Melamoori, and Sleepy Dark Etoile.

That said, if I had a trillion gold, all that would happen is that a lot of people would get gifted, and my inventory would largely stay the same. This isn't out of generosity so much as some bizarre Anon gifting compulsion.

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Art by my lovely friend Kage!
If I only could make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places...
I'm always some place far away in my mind