About Yours Truly. ☾

uhm hi
i'm ash
i'm twenty-six
i'm struggling to understand and accept myself.
i'm frequently really ******** sad
I live for attention and affection. pls love me

I like:
KPop (BTS, MONSTA X, EXO, Wanna One, Stray Kids, TXT, SHINee,GOT7,etc) but I listen to basically everything
I play some games. (Skyrim, Diablo, Borderlands 2, Ark, Persona 5) I'm not all that great at games that aren't co-op.
Learning bits of new languages (Spanish and Korean)
other stufffff?

I'm not always around but if you sent me a message there's a higher chance i'll notice.

Disclaimer; i spend half eternity in little space so please be aware that i baby talk a lot and talk in third person
Disclaimer 2; I also kinda suck at communicating and expressing my feelings. smile

Send me sweet words. <3
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