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Chaptered Chaka


hai!im bored.....-.- *falls asleep*

my cuzins

sup!how r u?


hey girl!watz up?

hi im good u?

sup lil bro!

h---o.o....u fell asleep?....nite i guess...o.O

were do i go vamp?o.o......*silence*

u can come with me nd be my minion u r BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

yo vamp!


my frends!

my other frends!XD

wello!!!!XD hehe how r u bitchhh!nd jack a**! ^_^ haha

hi sluttt!haha

hi crazy slutttt, lolz...okay...

my crazy party funny kew kawaii frends!XD

thats my smexi frend

I was there for you when you needed me,but yet you wana betray me all of a sudden....why?we're best friend's why would you go and do that!?

We did this once before but then you came running back,and i gave you a chance and now you wana betray me again?ill never forgive you!you went and blew your chance and don't try to come right back when you get in a argument or a fight with the other girl that takes you away from me.

Iv might not have known you longer then her but i know one thing thats a fact,i was always there and i had your back when she never did!and this is how you repay me?wtf!why!do you know how mad and sad i feel right now?do you!?! no you don't you'll never understand the pain huh?!

Your mom didnt want you playing with me i know that because you told me! said you don't care what your mom says you'll still play with me......but in the end it didn't matter....cuase you went and betrayed our friendship!if you were going to do this shouldn't have bothered to play with me at all!you should have listened to your mom!and now i think about.....i regret that i ever even said ok your my best friend!i trusted you i beilieved in you....but you betrayed me....

I was there for you when you needed me,but yet you wana betray me all of a sudden....why?we're best friend's why would you go and do that!?why tell me?ill never ever give you a chance again!they say never say 'never' but i said it yes i did but you know what ill keep this never and swear on my life no crosses counts and hope to die......ill keep my betrayed angers me to think back to the past and think of all the times i was at your side when i had your back....but all of a sudden our paths seperated.....and you betrayed me...and sitting on the side of my bed on the floor crying well im angry and sad mostly...........

my poem:You Betrayed Me......

I knew my love for you was true,falling in love is like taffy in my mouth,it's hard to get you out my head,your like a ice-cream brain-freezing my head,but then i got so nervous and turnedaway,but you still don't realize my feelings yet,i wish you would,

your like my sweet choclate meltin in my mouth everytime you look at me with such gentle eyes,you laugh so gently,but because of that i can't stop i can't stop loveing you!,my feelings are growing stronger,why is it that you had to come into my life?now it isn't the same anymore....I love you so dearly,but what should i do now?I don't kno how i ended up falling in love with someyone like you.

your like a mixture of all the sweets,sinking into my whole heart,It's hard to forget about you,slowly you start realizing your own feelings that's when you turned into my sweet cafe full of sweets,thats's when i shouted"I Love You!" and i hope you return it to that taffy with a gentle smile....i will always love you,and we'll be together until forever until i die,Let's make a promise that the cafe will always stay forever

my song i wrote

Title:Sweet Love

Since the day you passed away,iv been looking forward to seeing you again someday...but as you can see these tears i shed are only for you,and i love you,those are the words i wanted to say,but then i paused and stopped myself but i wanted to say i love you.but now i can't even see you anymore cause now your gone forever!

I Love You so dearly i hope that these words reach you,until the day we reunite,it will be Enternal Love.I cried out happiness for you but when i got the chance to see you,you were in a grave stone,it's been two years have passed without seeing you,i want to see you,i love you,

But when i found out...i was in shock that i lost myself,i want to hug you tightly and say*Hold Me Tight,Ive always loved you,but please don't leave me aloneee!im afraid of loosing you*but now it will be Enternal Love,I Love You so dearly,but now i hope it will reach you,my tears are snowflakes melting into tears,and now it will be Enternal Love....Hold Me Tight,I Love You.......

my other song i wrote ^_^

Title:Enternal Love

Why does my heart jump when your next to me?i know this isn't the feeling of falling in love...but is it?i don't know what it is,Tell me what is it when we walk pass each other by,i got this excited feeling,they say it's called love,but i don't wana know what the feeling of falling in love,I don't want to get hurt againnn~,i never do!,but then i end up falling in love with youuu~~But how come obtacles come&joy,and love,of meeting turns into pain,i don't wana let you go ever.But then why is it I feel like your saying Good-bye,i get this bad feeling,you tell me you have to go..i say calmy*ok*,but why do i intend to hide all the troubles and tears,you end up leaving..i go into my house i slide down the door,and sit holding my knees crying nd screaming saying*WHY!WH...WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GO!DONT GO...dont!plz..........why do i..intend to not say the truth that comes out my mouth...why do i keep on hiding everything hidden inside!~..*so 1 year passes i finally get the chance to see you,i run with joy filled into my heart,but then i barly found out your dead,i lose myself of shockness once again ...and the brightness of excitment in my eyes run out,i get up,and start walking,and wandering in my mind while i lose myself saying*why...all of times....i finally get to see him but now HES GONE FOREVER!!~~...*love is a tradegy,once again it turned out almost the same...why does love turn into pain nd tradegy,why ooh why god~~before i fell in love with him first my first love died 2 years agooo~why is it that love is turning into tears,and makes puddle of tears,love is a tradegy...the snow continuously keeps on falling down..."

once again another song i wrote

Title:Love Is A Tragedy

You left me all alone i couldn't do anything,i cry every time im by myself,i drown in Terrifing memories i hold to myself left unsaid,why can't you come back?is this the way life goes?i ask myself so many questions left to be answered,i block everyone out so noyone breaks in,i fake a smile each day,it makes my heart ache.

My world is pitch black,in my world rain that are my tears continuously fall down,theres a gate that surrounds my world so that i wont escape,that gate has;vines,thorns,and blood dripping off it,there's a huge chains around a huge lock thats budged,iv locked away all my emotions,i sit under a tall tree trembling while holding my knees and crying,of sadness,and hatred,these tears i shed are only for you,im a prisoner....

Why is it that you left without saying a word?it hurts me alot,without knowing what were you going to act without thinking....why did you leave me behind?!i miss you so much...iv lost myself,theres no light glancing in my eyes my eyes are just gloomy,i wonder places as it rains not knowing were im going,as i wonder through my memories.

I want to hear your voice.
I want to hug you tightly.
I wanted to say i love you

But now..its too late,your gone forver,i blame myself for letting you go...i should've been the one dead!....i wish you were here,its your fault!its your fault im like this!....rather its my fault.....for letting you into my heart soo much....its like you schemed to get into my heart alot and deep then break me once you've died...tell me was it all a scheme?or was it true?why did you leave me without saying a word?i don't know what to do anymore.......

you promised me you'd never leave me.....but yet you did.....and now my heart is shattered into peices,im trying to put it back......but i cant because i drown in the memories of you,....tell me.....why did you come into my life?why did i have to meet you?....if this was how it felt to have somyone close and dear to you in your heart i don't ever want to feel this feeling again!i don't ever want to feel how it is to love somyone soo much!.....

my heart aches alot from the pain thats burdeing me...i can't let you were my best friends,my lover....even though im young and your the same age as me and i had to meet,why did i have to love somyone and let them get the best of me and just sink into my heart.....?you wana know why?cuase i lovd you i couldn't see anyone else but you!we were both so young in love and me young and now the closest and dearest person has vanished,iv lost myself i can't get a hold of myself anymore....if this was how it felt to fall in love with you...i never would have let you got to close to me...but i did cause you were my first love .....

Tell me....why did you leave without saying a word?.....ill never want to love again....or feel anything like this again...

a diff poem i wrote lolz

Titl:You Left Without Saying A Word.....

OnlineBirthday: 04/20/98

Hello i guess...I can be weird at times..nd im Hyper sumtimes,i have my moments when i talk relly fast or sumthin but ya....i luv to write my own stories,songs,nd peoms,i hate girly girls....there too shtupid to meh nd if u preppy girls take that offensive it is nd u can shuvz it up ur a** cuz i honestly dun care bout u preps..but to the other girlys who rnt preppy then ur awshome nd kewl,i dun like peepz when they cant be themselfs around meh,im a person who dusnt put up with bs stare ,but i do like arguing nd im straight forward im a tomboy i like vampires nd du not think its cuz full moon!its cuz Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight rocks,nd i like weird peepz cuz there kewl to meh im a peron that likes wow she must be picky or bossy or sumthin like that or watevs rites?anyways im not im relly nice once u get to kno meh i like to be evil twisted nd i du not wat so evs like peepz who pick on peepz so if i hear anyone picking on peepz u can tell meh but first tell meh the reason y u two or 3 f4 or 5 or watevs r fighting nd ill help out if i can neutral but ya anywayz,nd u dont want to get on my bad side cuz i will start some drama nd idc if u report meh or not f u!u 4get i can repot u on any messages u send meh so ya ^_^ srrya!i will f u up if u try messing with my frends ok bitches!get this straight u dont mess with any of my frends or cuzins or family nd i won mess with u ok so just letting u know nd yes im young nd saying this crap but plz dont underestimate meh ok ^_^ i can be a angel with u? or a devil with u?,you pick.