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It's MEEEE!!! ^ . ^

Hey!! My nickname is Mina, and i love anything having to do with Vampires. I love to read. My favorite things to read are: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, anything else by Anne Rice, The Cirque Du Freak Series, The Chobits Series, Fake, Legal Drug, Tokyo Mew Mew, FMA, Ghost In The Shell, all of Marilyn Mansons autobiographies, and anything Japanese. My favorite movies are: Memiors of a Geisha, V for Vendetta, Interview with the vampire, The Crow, Damnation and a day world tour, Moulin Rouge, Ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex series 1 and 2, Invader Zim, One Life to live, Days of our lives, As the world turns, and Friends. I'm a major Goth, and i love it!! Marilyn Manson is the SEXIEST GUY EVER!!! And, an awesome band! ^.^ He's my hero. Besides of course, Ville Vallo of HIM and Joey Jordison of SLIPKNOT...
I am curently taken by my one true love.. ^ . ^ (I love you sooo much babe heart )

You Are 96% Evil

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You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

How Evil Are You?
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Item List:
Black Catscratch Pants
Cat Tail
Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the Goddess
Romani Glasses
Steel Gunner Top

Estimated Total: 82,500 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 16 January 2007)
Please Donate, loves!! heart

"Boy, the next words that come outta your mouth'd better be some brilliant Mark Twain s**t, 'cuz it's definately gettin chisled into your tombstone!!"
heart ~Otis Driftwood~ heart
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Death to Mike... 101 ways to painfully kill him...

I love to write alot of poetry, mostly Angel/Demon and stuff about my past love experiences... (which i dont have much luck in, unfortonately T.T) I write alot of dark stuff... get over it if you don't like it!


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True Love!! <3


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Nathan172 Report | 02/19/2008 3:06 pm
u is teh awexxxomest >.< u is totally sex lol
howtheundeadweep Report | 02/18/2008 4:23 pm
Emma misses you!

IceAlchemist17 Report | 07/30/2007 12:06 am
hey! call my house sometime lovie! I miss talking to you!!!
howtheundeadweep Report | 03/22/2007 1:38 pm
I havent called u cuz I dont have your # but i sent you a message on here after I got your comment.
OddBall35 Report | 01/22/2007 2:25 pm
well i decided to look at my pro and i saw a comment u left me and u were gunna start callin me kelly...y is that?
Zora Dee Report | 01/11/2007 12:55 pm
Hope you did well on your tests ^_^
Zellian Report | 01/09/2007 6:29 pm
Thanks for the add and stuff.
OddBall35 Report | 01/03/2007 10:47 am
oh it was loads of fun!...on new yrs i went to a hotel with caitlyn it was sooo much fun!...we were waitin in line for this sumo wrestlin thing and this kid was like...Excuse me...she thought u were kelly osborne...and im like...umm haha im soryr im not
OddBall35 Report | 12/30/2006 3:21 pm
hello mina darlin i have not talked to you in for was your x mas???
kissingsun Report | 12/30/2006 9:27 am
Thank you. *nods*
I like your profile and avi too << very unique ^^