VFS-01L Hibiki Lui (ヒビキ・ルイ), provider currently unknown, was described as "Easily mistaken for a girl because of his graceful manners.."

In 2011 the "Everyone's Vocaloid project" (みんなのボカロ計画 Min-na no Vocalo Keikaku) contest was held. Entries from within Japan and overseas were allowed. In late May 2011, the contestants were picked out of the thousands of entries. This was one of two designs selected, they were announced at Vocaloid Festa 02.
Lui is set to be released Winter/Spring 2012. Lui's voice actor will be announced in the summer, currently voice providers both male and female are being interviewed for a suitable voice.

As with Ring, in the overseas fandom, Lui's initial unveiling received much complaints about far-fetched the final design was from the original design. Lui's design appears more effeminate then even the original design was. Unlike with Ring though, there was a general divide with preference of either design according to the taste of the viewer. Just as Ring got the complaint that she was a "Miku clone" some felt Lui's design was heavily influenced by Kagamine Rin and Len. As he currently has no voice however, there is only reactions based on the initial image.

His arms and legs are very bright.