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Hiiiiiii!!!!! : D
I'm Danielle, but feel free to call me Dani,
or Uni... or just Danielle. lol.

I figured it was about time for a new about me,
so here I go. =)
WELL... I'm 17, just graduated HS, so you know,
I'm having to prepare myself for that next big
step known as... COLLEGE! : D

In my free time I L O V E to meet new people,
read books, write stories, listen to music,
play my guitar, write songs, text, practice
for Color Guard, do makeup, paint nails,
and make graphicsssssss!
*MY, that was mouth full*

I know of lot of those may seem rather...
G I R L Y, but I like to consider myself
a very well rounded person. :]

Welllll, if you want to CHAT, please
feel free to comment or P M me! I'd
love to hear from you. ^^


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I <3 makeup. X)