“Mandy, I want to show you how much you mean to me, to us, to everyone. You’re important and wonderful and here is 39 resons why.

1. You’re Beautiful
2. You have awesome taste in music.
3. You never take a bad picture. (I’m Jelous)
4. Your hair looks great all the time
5. You watch amazing movies
6. You always post amusing things on Tumblr
7. You’re not fake, you’re very real.
8. You’re very humble and un-selfish
9. You can play the piano very well
10. You sing beautifully.
11. You enjoy anime, which makes you wonderful.
12. Gerard.. Nuff said
13. You know how to make people laugh
14. You’re easy to talk to
15. I like the way you say “tour”
16 .You’re like.. smart n’ stuff
17. You’re laugh is adorable
18. You’re honest
19. I like your face
20. You’re fantastic at writing songs and poetry
21. You don’t gossip
22. Your voice, the way you talk makes me smile
23. You’re a good friend
24. Your style is lovely
25. You draw good
26. Your make up is like a wonderland of prettyness
27. Your smile makes my face wanna be happy
28.You’re a nice person
29. Your taste in books is a whole bunch of wonderful
30. You’re intelectual and interesting to converse with
31. I enjoy your presence
32. You’re determined to do well in what you do
33. You let me play the piano with you sometimes
34. You’re original and don’t always “go with the flow”
35. You’re huggable
36. You’re funny
37. Your sisters hot ;D
38. You protect people from clowns at Haunted Houses
39. Gerard..mhm..yummeh.

All of these plus tons more are true and amazing. I love you and I care about you. You’re one of my bestfriends.

-Love Dawnyea & ACPA."

~ Mandy
~ Fifteen
~ Single
~ Lesbian
~ Art Student
~ Music
~ unfortunatemisfits.tumblr.com

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