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I am everything and nothing all at the same time. I am good, i am bad, i'm happy, sad, loud, quiet, lonely, popular, emo, hipster, gangsta, goth, prep, suprising, secluded, level headed, insane, funny, serious, old, young, immortal, dead, flying, falling.

I am the perfect thing, the disgrace of human nature. I am an object of pride, and the image of embarrasment, i enrage, comfort, i am egotistical, i am selfless, i am selfish, and i do not believe i am worth anything.
i look into a mirror and curse myself with pity and anger, i am fat, i am slim, i am a loner, i am a trendsetter.
I am every single problem in the world, and i am every solution i would ever need. I am the killer, and the killed. I am the hunter and the rabbit. I am neither sheep nor lamb.

I am the one that got away, and i will never tell you how. I am the front news. I am your love, i am my love, i am what everyone hates, and i am what you comfort at night, i am sharp, i am soft, i hate you, i love you, i adore you, and you disgust me.
i am unstable, i am insane, i am not bipolar, i am not okay. I know everything, i forgot what i just said, i am a walking contradiction, but i cannot walk.

I am the best thing ever, but i am nothing.

i am everything and nothing.

i am Saunder.