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Things I Like....

I dunno what to well, I'll start here:
Anime/Manga: Chobits, Imadoki, Eureka7, Chibi Vampire(hate the ending though), Fruits Basket and plenty more that I'm too lazy to type. ;D

Books/Movies: Graceling, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, Phantom of The Opera, Kill Bill, Howl's Moving castle(All of the Hayao Miyazaki movies), Vladimir Tod, and lots more!

Colors: Blue, Green, red.

Age: Why ya wanna know

Hobbies: Reading, drawing anime, coloring, internet stuff ( hence Gaia)

Songs/Bands: Paramore, Mika, Beating my Heart by Jon Mclaughlin, Christina Perri, The Fray, Jump in the Pool by Friendly Fires, & Vocaloid music!

(Not a fan of heavy metal or other songs like that)



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Birthday: 12/25


The Song I have on here is Beating My Heart By Jon Mclaughlin