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Last Login: 02/17/2018 10:53 am

Location: Northeastern US

Birthday: 06/30


“tripsker” is a bit of a tongue twister, so you can call me trip if it’s easier!
I prefer to keep my real life and my life on here separate, but I will tell you this: I’m twenty three, asexual, and have no clue what I’m doing with my life at the moment aside from living it.

Right now a lot of my time is split between hanging out with friends and dealing with headaches, but I've been picking up my sketchbook more and more often and have cosplays in the works again
If you feel like talking to a big doof like myself just shoot a PM my way!

(links to find me in other places will be placed here... when I actually have them set up the way I want.

And if I don't reply right away it's never that I don't care,
it's morso that.... I don't check here as often? I'm a lot easier to reach through discord!


* please quote me for a response! *



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