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Ok by request I'm updating my profile.... I hate/love you all who bitched and moaned^^

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Ok, so, i'm 18 and in my last year of high school. I'm a pretty outgoing person and I love my friends with all my heart. Really I consider them like family and no matter what my family is always there and always in my protection. When I make a promise to them, even when they hate me most, I keep it because I'd feel like s**t if I didn't.

Most of all my friends know or should know one thing about me and thats I'm A mega big b***h when pissed off. More or less when it comes to yo momma jokes or insulting my mother. Even when your just joking. I get pissed off. If you talk about "its cooler when your anorxe" or "I'd just love to be skinny." It pissed me off, makes me cry and then I slap you. I WILL ******** SLAP!!!! My mother is sick and these are some of the problems with her. I'm not with her so I'm a bit uncentered since october 08. There are a few people here that can get me centered, but the rest are in oregon. SO LIVE IT! :p

I love music with a passion. With every song I hear, I can make it relate to somthing or someone and I lissten to alot of it. I curently hold only 5500 songs on my laptop alone and I need one of those extra hard drives just to fit it all.^^ I'm really ino music.

Another thing i'm really into is taking pics and drawing. I even hold my own deviant right now so look me up. Its KeraRaven. I have over 3 poems and photos and I'm working on drawing soon.

Right now i live in cali and it sucks balls. I live with my father who doesn't want to know me, and just rules over me. When I'm 18, i'm planing on crashing at a friends house till I can graduate and get to oregon. There, i'm going to go and see my mother, if she's still alive. See she has this condition that the docs arn't sure about but as long as she's happy then I'll still be there for her. I also plan to major in welding, theater, bartending, and lights teck. All good paying jobs and if I get lucky I'll get my motorcycle one to^^

So, anything else just ask. I'm neo pagan, I like death and blood, I dream insanely, I love fighting games, and I love the rain with a passion, I'm like a wolf and my fav numbers are 5 and 15.


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Trinitys place to speek out... or complain

Just randome stuff About life every day. Just posting my days as they fly by.



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jesrom Report | 01/09/2011 6:06 pm
doing great.. i guess..
i really still don't understand things around here in Gaia. xd
jesrom Report | 01/06/2011 5:48 pm
heyah!! it's been a long time, how're you doing..?
jesrom Report | 12/14/2010 10:51 pm
huhu.. thanks for the advice.. i'll do my best next time. and next time, i'll be the meanest of the mean in LD. xd
well, i guess that sounds overboard..
jesrom Report | 12/13/2010 11:18 pm
that LD-thread-supposed-to-be-CB was a pain in the neck.
i didn't realized it'd be that much. 'twas painstakingly fun. lol.
neko of the snow Report | 08/22/2010 6:14 pm
neko of the snow
cool avi
neko of the snow Report | 08/20/2010 12:40 pm
neko of the snow
*kiss* i love you to^^
neko of the snow Report | 07/27/2010 8:30 am
neko of the snow
zomgmasterhiroshi Report | 02/15/2010 9:20 pm
copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue giftbox floating around your screen which has a katana
Mirro22 Report | 02/15/2010 8:05 am
copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue giftbox floating around your screen which has a katana
Calelith Report | 02/07/2010 8:36 pm
Still claiming to be Wiccan I see


I'm LD's lil b***h of Bitches. I don't take your crap!!!!

I beat assians creed 2, now on to FF13 and GOW3!!!!!
Check out my work.

I like gold^^


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