I'm crazy,I'm me(Juggalo,Deadhead,Freak,Goth,H@x0r,Geek). I have quite a few friends.. all are crazy. Haha I'm strange,I love music,making music, playing games, drawing random s**t, web designing, and many other things. I don't like to stay home much. I hate sleeping cuz I always forget everything that happened before I sleep and normally I feel worse when I wake up than I did when I went to sleep. So I guess I've created my own horrible sleeping habits... I hate mainstream s**t and most rednecks... umm normally I'm a pretty peaceful person. I love to meditate for hours on end... I love computers... I love nature... I love my life... umm well yea.. add me if you want to know more because I can't think of anything off the top of my head... haha Oh and who would want to know more about me than that anyway? well I take that back... why are you stalking me?