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Last Login: 07/19/2023 5:49 pm

Registered: 01/16/2010

Gender: Female

Location: California

Birthday: 09/23/1999

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Personal Website


Heaven Knows Everything

Tranquilise here! You can just call me T if you want to shorten it. I live on the American West Coast with PST time zone.
I'm a writer and an artist, working as a personal assistant to put myself through school
Habla muchas espanol, porque esto mi idioma primero!

Find me on twitter as @bingohallmurder, and on tumblr as @murder-at-the-bingo-hall

run away and give me your sneakers

In that lifeless book of old

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Looking For A Page

Okay look I'm going to be honest I don't have any reason for this anymore but I just wanted to get rid of that cringy as all hell description that I had for years before.

Where the bushes and the bombs are

I still hear the children playing

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Chrissy Dragonova ND Report | 01/19/2021 7:49 pm
Chrissy Dragonova ND
thank you for buying one my items enjoy and come by anytime
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 10/19/2020 10:40 am
Thank you so so much for the birthday wish !!
I'm sorry I'm so late replying to your comment.

And Happy super belated Birthday, Birthday Twin !!!
I hope your birthday was amazing !!
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 09/23/2017 6:50 am
yum_cupcake yum_cupcake HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY BUDDY !!!!!! yum_cupcake yum_cupcake
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 09/22/2017 9:16 am
I'm also from a tiny dirt town in the middle of the desert so chances are that's why I never ran into other twins. Lol.

Maybe. Who knows ?


Got any special plans for your birthday ?
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 09/21/2017 9:35 am
No kidding !!
Lucky you !! Lol.
I mean like I'm a twin and I rarely meet other people who are twins (That I'm aware of.) And you'd think that'd be more common to run across.
Like the only other person I know that is a twin is a really good friend of mine that I met on here.
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 09/19/2017 9:41 pm
Woo !!

Outside of my twin, I honestly think you're the only person I've ever come across with the same birthday as me. Lol.
(Even though I know there's probably a lot of people whose birthday is on the same day as ours, but still.)
Quartzie Report | 08/14/2017 8:09 am
as I read the favorite tags on the side of your profile you seem really approachable and cool.
cheers! :3 emotion_bigheart
CascadingClovers Report | 06/08/2017 11:26 am
It's all good. I'm just always looking for more rp buddies. So I get excited when I find people on here who do.
How long have you been rping?
CascadingClovers Report | 06/07/2017 1:01 pm
Thanks for accepting! I saw that you rped, so I was pretty interested in meeting you biggrin
The Assassin of Chaos Report | 04/16/2017 2:06 pm
The Assassin of Chaos
oKEY bb!


Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.


Do you know what's worth fighting for?When it's not worth dying for?Does it take your breath awayAnd you feel yourself suffocating?Does the pain weigh out the pride?And you look for a place to hide?Did someone break your heart inside?You're in ruinsOne, 21 gunsLay down your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms into the sky, you and IWhen you're at the end of the roadAnd you lost all sense of controlAnd your thoughts have taken their tollWhen your mind breaks the spirit of your soulYour faith walks on broken glassAnd the hangover doesn't pass[- From : -]Nothing's ever built to lastYou're in ruinsOne, 21 gunsLay down your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms into the sky, you and IDid you try to live on your ownWhen you burned down the house and home?Did you stand too close to the fireLike a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?When it's time to live and let dieAnd you can't get another trySomething inside this heart has diedYou're in ruinsOne, 21 gunsLay down your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms into the skyOne, 21 gunsLay down your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms into the sky, you and I