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You can call me Love, or Alana. Music is a huge part of my life, I almost always have music playing. What I listen to depends on my mood usually, but sometimes I just put all my songs on shuffle. I play World of Warcraft, and I like writing. Writing, music, singing, drawing, and cleaning are the only things that soothe me usually. I'm tired of girls and their self-made tragedies. Sad stories are not supposed to be beautiful or glorious, neither is people feeling sorry for you. I'm also tired of people who lack compassion and empathy. I'm not better than you, and you are not better than me. We're all equal and we're all just people. I care about how I look because it's a reflection of who I am, not because I'm materialistic. You don't have to like me, but you should treat me with respect because that's the way I'll treat you... well, until you do something that makes you lose my respect. I don't think that you can put a value on people's problems. Just because other people may have it worse, it doesn't mean that your problems are insignificant. That's not to say it's okay to be ungrateful. I wish everything were beautiful. I try to find the beauty in everything. I sometimes wonder what everything means, and how it relates to other things. I wonder about people and how they work... I wonder a lot of different things, but don't usually talk about what I'm thinking. I appreciate when people tell me their honest opinions, it beats being clueless. I think a lot of things are interesting, though, again, I don't tend to talk about all the things I think of. I know I'm pretty weird, I've been told by many people, but you won't see that weirdness unless you meet me in person usually. I'm sick of trends, though I know I follow a few, I just kind of mixed emo, goth, skater, and kind of punk together to make what I dress and look like, because that's the style I prefer. I'm honest even though sometimes people may not want to hear it, and when I'm being honest, depending on what my mood is and what my feelings toward you are, I might be nice about it and I might be... not so nice. I am very opinionated. I know what I want, and what I like, and I stand up for it. I am very loyal. I value the small amount of friends I have left almost more than anything. I'm very down to earth, realistic, and logical, but that doesn't stop me from loving and enjoying fantasy and the imagination that life often brings me. I tend to have a lot of common sense. People who don't have very much are one of the things I hate most(And I hate a lot of things, to be honest). For example, why the toilet won't flush or something. I'm very understanding. I go out of my own way for people a lot, mostly my friends, and people who aren't mean to me. Which, there are a lot of people who don't like me, so they are mean... I don't start stupid drama but if you do, don't expect me to back down or give up easily. I'll defend myself and/or my friends with whatever it takes. Generally I try to avoid needless conflicts, I know how to choose my battles. So, I know how to swallow my pride. But it doesn't mean I do it all the time. Sometimes, I just get to the breaking point. Even though I am very opinionated, I try to have an open mind to other people's views. I'm told I look quite intimidating. I'm always up for an adventure. I am strong willed. I observe things, and notice things everywhere that 80% of other people don't notice. I try to find meanings in the meaningless. I'm very curious and I want to know how the world works. I haven't completely lost hope in myself, I am trying to improve my somewhat dark mind and personality. I learn from every mistake. I am very intricate. Although I'm trying to improve, I'm trying to be completely myself. I'm trying to accept and fix all my flaws. I take risks.