Sex Is A Sensation Caused By Temptation A Guy Sticks His Location In A
Girls' Destination To Increase Population.. Of The Next Generation Do You
Get My Explantion ? Or Do You Need A Demonstration?(;

Name:Karlee Maarie Biitches<3
I Be birthday Sexing On: October 2th(;
Agee:1_Years Old Faags!(;
Sex: Guurl Niqqas<3
RelationShip:Single ;|
Likes:Guuy//Hot Ppl//Food//Sports<33
Dislikes:Newbs//Boring ppl//The Color Blue//Gaays(:
Favorites:Rap//Hip Hop//R&B
Color razz ink//Green//Red//West Side Biitches!(:
I Am:Native//Half Black//Whitee x3

Hack Me!

Hmm... Karlee, Karlee, Karlee. You shouldn't really let me hack your profile.
XD What is there to say about her? Is she mean? Nah. She is a really nice
girl. A big cutie too. You NEED to know her. Not should; NEED. This childish
bunch of friendly is an amazing friend. -Ty (aka Tibbles)

Karlee is the best person i know . She's cool & nice . Cute too . She loves
hockey . She's nice , but just dont hurt her , cause all i will have to say is
goodluck . That's about it , and add her . She's badass . ;3 ( Brendan)

Caan Yoou Help Me With A Hack..?
I thinkk So, Comee Hack Mee(; <3