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I wear this stuff



Between each smile;;
There's a tear in your eye.

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This more or less is the same profile from years ago.
I've edited here and there but I'm keeping it in tact for the most part.

I'm in love with my buddy pear. heart haha.

I'm also in love with Andrew/tetsuo hes my retardedly amazing older "brother"

(aka cookie, pete, dexkitsune, or candypants)
you gotta watch out for him and his ruffies. That's how he convinced me to write this. It wasnt voluntary.

I AM::
~A girl
~An Artist
~A gamer
~Supposedly a closeted lesbian.
~Better than that.
~A b***h
~An Instigator
~Owner of three pet snakes heart
~Gifted in the art of cooking edibles
~An Unusual being
~A pro slacker
~Going to fight you if earn it
~The Mad Hatter of Cooking
~A flirt
~Socially Awkward yet somehow it works
~Ugly in my own eyes
~And last but not least; taken heart

~Going to let you get away with being an idiot without calling you out on it.
~A Retard. So don't try to treat me like one
~Going to let you order a piece of me to go off the menu at work.
---(Many have tried, none have succeeded.)
~A 30 year old *****. Sorry.
~Sending you n00dz. Nice try.
~Not going to insult you. So don't necessarily take it personally.
~Actually a turkey. or am I?

without the following people i would have nothingggg.
1. cory :] - 63K
2. Wolfy!!!!!- 25K
3. Andrew!!!- grunny && 59K && 80K
4. Nikko D- uhhmmm.... remind me what it was? well. he helped with the wed to darkness. 3nodding
5. Pete- everything heart
6. The Masked Defender- Entire Spartan set O:
i kinda owe them like the equivalent of my life and a few extra favors cause theres no way im ever gona be able to pay them back.

Mimo ART
ooo yay!! mrgreen
User Image
by: kirstynlolz heart

User Image
by: B-Bunny14 heart

User Image
by: Jiyou heart mrgreen

User Image
by: -MurderersIntent01- heart mrgreen

R.I.P. Mimo's Hug button. It was great while it lasted :[
Grand total::
5,458 Hugs. I love you guys heart

People who figured out what Mimodoshichitokufu means((and won a cookie for it)) ::
1st- TetsuoHikari heart
2nd- Matt P.
3rd- Clou xForsakenx
4th- freelance_jet
5th- beAuty2QueeN
6th- goldenstar102
7th- Im-Just-Amberlicious
8th- Blueregard Q Kazoo
9th- Midori_kusanago
10th- Arikuchiri
11th- Mashimaro-Chan
12th- AkatsukiKawaiiAqua-chan
13th- dancin.on.your.grave
14th- Neokat-chan2
15th- Hikaruciri
16th- Kuro Neko Donno
17th- Nikko D
18th- txtpg

...and the RAIN will kill us all.


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God of this Website Report | 05/15/2018 6:35 pm
God of this Website
OMG YOOOOOOOOOOO! How have you been?
God of this Website Report | 01/21/2018 8:42 am
God of this Website
God of this Website Report | 04/30/2015 4:38 pm
God of this Website
I joined the army and am currently learning how to be a mechanic lol, nice to see you're still on!
God of this Website Report | 04/18/2015 2:09 pm
God of this Website
damn, mimo still goes on gaia lol.
Razumi Yazura Report | 02/25/2015 9:11 pm
Razumi Yazura
I guess. xd
Razumi Yazura Report | 02/25/2015 8:47 pm
Razumi Yazura
Fair enough. xd
Razumi Yazura Report | 02/25/2015 8:39 pm
Razumi Yazura
The Masked Defender Report | 04/15/2014 7:53 pm
The Masked Defender
Long time no see.
God of this Website Report | 01/23/2014 6:38 pm
God of this Website
The Masked Defender Report | 08/27/2013 9:09 pm
The Masked Defender
What's with that? I try to invite you to party, but somebody is too cool for me. xd


Between each [/color:85df1d45a2][i:85df1d45a2][u:85df1d45a2]smile[/color:85df1d45a2][/u:85df1d45a2][/i:85df1d45a2]
There's a [/color:85df1d45a2][u:85df1d45a2][i:85df1d45a2]tear[/color:85df1d45a2][/i:85df1d45a2][/u:85df1d45a2] in your [/color:85df1d45a2][u:85df1d45a2][i:85df1d45a2]eye[/color:85df1d45a2][/i:85df1d45a2][/u:85df1d45a2][/size:85df1d45a2].[/color:85df1d45a2][/align:85df1d45a2]


I get lonely sometimes

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