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Report | 12/25/2017 2:46 am


I thought I'd get this message out before I'm too paralytic to respond sweatdrop .

I hope you have a merry Xmas & a happy new year rofl rofl rofl !!!!

Report | 12/24/2017 4:03 am


Sorry about the delay in replying, as I'm shore your aware the run up to Xmas is murder, I've not had the time or the energy to reply, but I'm free now rofl !!!!
I didn't do anything it just sort of melted itself sweatdrop ???
Yes I did miss you 3nodding .

I'm not too bad with my drinking, I mean I've got a fair bit of alcohol stored in my room which I've barely touched sweatdrop , like I said I'm a social drinker sweatdrop .

That's not the work of a healthy mind, I'm pretty twisted, but even I think that's messed up gonk .

Probably not crying , not unless they give out Knighthoods for tea drinking sweatdrop ???

I'm already paranoid, so there's a chance I wouldn't even notice you haunting me & like I said before "never underestimate the human animals ability to adapt to it's surroundings" 3nodding .

Geez what a lovely little pair of psychopaths sweatdrop , what's wrong with people???
I don't know if it was the whole family, but they had to at least know what was happening???

That's ok, I'm happy with my Mum 3nodding .

When technology goes wrong, that will make me lose my s**t, my new laptop keeps driving me mad, it regards my room as a internet deadzone & just ******** up every chance it gets, I really hate this thing stare . Herting animals piss's me off, hypocrites also piss me off, pushchairs also piss me off (because people try to drive me into oncoming traffic with those stupid things stressed ). Oh & human stupidity.

But I was after free stuff eek , free stuff rocks xd .
OK if you insist I'll think about adding you, I tend to forget about my facebook account unless something comes up sweatdrop .


Report | 11/04/2017 5:05 am


Sorry for the radio silence, I've been having computer trouble & when I say trouble think total systems crash, I couldn't use it for more than about 20 minutes at a time, but it seems to be working now sweatdrop ???

Like I said I should be good for at least a year then the fun begins eek .

Well that didn't work out, there was supposed to be a few of us going, but all my friends canceled & I'm a social drinker so I ended up not going crying , so I just got drunk at home xd .

I couldn't get my pets stuffed, I think of them as family & it would just make me sad to see them like that neutral .

I never said I was normal neutral .
Plus you have to earn the rank of Sir neutral .
Have I earned the right to be given a rank sweatdrop ???
Also I don't remember being Knighted neutral .
Tho Sir Ravage does have a nice ring to it 3nodding .

I'm pro choice, so if you wanted to haunt me feel free, but at least consider your options before you engage in a long term haunting neutral .

I should probably start with a girl before I have kids asexual reproduction would just be creepy eek .

I have no idea why, one of my old neighbours actually used to kill they own pets on a regular basis, they got fined & banned from having pets for 5 years (which was bollocks the s**t they used to do stressed ), two of my cats moved in from theirs, Bonny (who went missing, probably done in by them crying ) & Tuppence who was my little shithead, tho they messed up his back so we had to have him put down when he was about 8 crying . I don't like people who hert animals stressed .

Your Mum is confusing sweatdrop ???

Oh don't worry I do get mad, I have an invisible line in the sand & once that line is crossed you'd better watch out, it's just my line is pretty far away so it takes awhile to reach it sweatdrop .

We're right next to the company canteen, there is always food back there stare & because of certain idoits teaching them that there's food there I have to be on guard to try & keep them out of the shop stare . But like I said before, I normally like rodents, I just want to keep the wild ones outside 3nodding .

I haphazardly have to look to keep up to date for new releases & special offers, like the whole like this photo for a free mini thing, some people post works in progress of up & coming releases, which is nice 3nodding .

Report | 10/22/2017 4:50 am


There's no need to panic, yet sweatdrop , I've got at least another year before I need to start worrying eek .

I'll try, but no promises, I've managed to talk my friend Owen into going & he gets a bit strange when people aren't drinking, he has literally spiked my drink when I wasn't drunk anuff for his liking eek .

As long as she isn't being bad then it's all good 3nodding , I think sweatdrop ???

They're dead what else am I going to do with them neutral , I'm not throwing them out in the trash neutral & having them stuffed would be creepy as ******** eek ???
I'm really not a fan of the whole master thing, seems a bit too much like being property to me, I do accept titles like Sir or Boss, they seem more respectful or reminiscent of a military rank.
(Sorry I'm being weird again sweatdrop )

There are people that are way more interesting than me that you could haunt, I'm actually pretty boring most of the time, so why settle for me when you can aim for the top 3nodding .
Plus I'm kind of used to the strange & unusual, so seeing a ghost would be scary at first, but you would get used to it after a while neutral .

I just realized, if I have to change jobs I might have to deal with children at my new work place gonk .
If I meet the right girl I could have kids, but I don't see that happening any time soon crying .
Yeh getting lots of pets isn't all fun & games, we used to have lots of pets when I was younger (my neighbours used my family as a dumping ground for unwanted pets, I don't know why sweatdrop ) & guess who had to clean them all out by himself, you guessed it, it was me stare , tho cleaning up animal poop does help to give you a strong stomach stare .
Why is she buying baby cloths eek , that's so random sweatdrop . I know my parents want grand kids, but they're at least waiting until they have one before they start buying things for them sweatdrop .

I see, have I done something to warrant being annoyed neutral , plus I'm British, we're pretty stoic, which means we don't like to show when something annoys us, which is most of the time sweatdrop .

No they get into the garbage because people taught them that there's food outside the shop so they go looking for it stare .

Oh it was just the photo, but we got the likes needed so I got some free stuff xd !!! Thanks for the help xd !!! If you need help with a project feel free to ask for my help 3nodding .

Report | 10/22/2017 3:22 am


ahh aciuu whee

Report | 10/18/2017 6:47 am


as be kodu po kol kas, taip, kad man tu pagr reikia.. maciau galima ir be viso puslapio perkodavimo specifinius paimt.. tik niekur nesurasyta kur kas zzz sweatdrop

Report | 10/15/2017 12:06 am


wow niiice heart
gal ir man kada reikes ka sumest, taip nesinori nk tho zz ;c
reik eit pasizet kodus, gal zn koki, kad viena paneli padarytu permatoma.. pvz su avataru kur yra, kad butu ne baltas o permatomas..

Report | 10/14/2017 3:30 am


That would be the nice thing to do, but I highly doubt that they'll do that or if they did I'd have to move to another city, which I'm really not into neutral .

We shale see neutral , but no promises twisted .

You really can train cats, I've managed it, it's just a pain & will take ages & works best when they're young, cats test what they can & can't get away with, so just teach them what they aren't allowed to do & your all set 3nodding . Like I've said before more than 1 of my cats have moved themselves in from our neighbours sweatdrop .

I only bury the dead ones there neutral , since your alive your free to go & do what ever you want, even if it is to live in my back garden sweatdrop .
I've never thought of you as a pet, but since I consider my pets to be family that might not be such a bad thing 3nodding .

Why would I wiggle stuff around while brushing my teeth neutral ???
Being stared down by a ghost is way more scary than a ghost that can't even see you neutral .
You know I'd probably just get used to it after a while, I'm surprisingly good at zoning out things that annoy me sweatdrop .

You have no idea how much I love the fact that that my shop doesn't allow children in twisted .

Stealing it would only force me to buy a new one, tho it would be a pain to have to replace all my numbers stare .

Don't get me wrong I love rodents I used to keep rabbits, gerbils, hamsters & a guinea pig, but they are still vermin & wild animals can play host to all kinds of diseases so that's why they shouldn't be allowed near the shop, plus the little bastards keep getting into the garbage & keep making a huge mess which I then have to clean up stare .

There are worse things to be afraid off neutral .

Nope still single stare , thanks for asking stare .

I don't suppose you could do me a small favor, there's a kickstarter that I'm investing in & 1 of the stretch goals involves getting 200 likes on a photo they uploaded to facebook so if you could follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/Euphoriaminiatures & leave a like that would put me one step closer to getting 2 free miniatures xd .

Report | 10/06/2017 9:51 am


Sorry I haven't replied in a while, I've been dealing with the shock news that I might be unemployed in the near future, Britvic one of the two company's that run my site are closing down & moving production to other sites & so Unilever the other company on site might be following suit, which means I could soon be out off a job, so yeah my weeks been a bit s**t crying .

What else are you suppost to do at a beer festival neutral ??? I will literally be drinking all day xd .

Off cause not, I'm very loyal to my employers, even when they don't deserve it "choff" Togo's "choff", sorry terrible choff I have there neutral .

You just have to keep at it 3nodding , they will eventually learn not to do something 3nodding , it just takes awhile stare , a very long while stare , not gonna lie training cats is a pain crying .
You can't not feed them, they'll just move somewhere else sweatdrop .

I wasn't going to keep it, I'd probably just bury it somewhere, like my back garden where all my old pets got buried neutral .
Spread your ashes somewhere pretty, how about my back garden xd , we have an apple tree, 5 pear trees, a gooseberry bush, randomly an entrance to the sewers sweatdrop , loads of wildlife, all the local cats fighting over the area & finally a train track right at the bottom off my garden, so what do you think 3nodding , I really have no idea if that's good or not sweatdrop ???

Not always, but my main reasons for entering the bathroom are to wash or use the toilet so lots of nakedness involved neutral .
I suppose you could bother me when I'm trying to brush my teeth, I normally wear cloths for that neutral
You wouldn't be as scary with your eyes closed neutral .
Yes fun, that's what all people call a multiple haunting, I'm shore we'd have a barrel of laughs stare .

Is finding the ice-cream a test you give people to prove their intelligence???

Oh my phone lives in my locker when I'm at work, but that would pee me off to no end if someone tried to take it from me.

I've got nothing against them, but they're vermin & aren't allowed in the shop, they could be carrying who knows what & I'd rather avoid having to take any shots for a squirrel bite neutral .
The rat should have known better than to go near your warehouse.

I'm very careful so as not to hert them, it's not my fault that dumb a** of a cat gets scared of a stationary object that lives in the far corner of the kitchen 3nodding .

Report | 09/27/2017 8:39 am


Guess what I'm going to a beer festival, yay me xd !!! I've even booked time off work just so I could go xd , I'm going to get so wrecked xd .

Glad to hear it 3nodding .
Sounds rough, I only have to deal with my co-workers mess & her aversion to facing up or removing all the empty containers stare .
Since we do the stock take we don't have to worry about people screwing up, plus owes are never right because we get loads of free stuff straight from the factories they don't charge us so owe stock takes are never right, so it's kind of pointless us doing them since we could steal what we want & they'd never know, not that I would, I'm a very honest person sweatdrop .

Have you considered protective gloves neutral ???
I wouldn't say they need love, they demand love neutral .
My tomcats have never pissed on the walls, Buddy used to spray to mark his territory, but he stopped when we had him fixed. It's one of those cat training things, if you show a cat what he can & can't get away with your normally fine & before you say you can't train a cat you can, it's just a pain in the a** stare .

You'd be ash, so why would you care, it's not like they'd be much of you left after burning to death, but if you'd prefer I could always use a flower pot xd .
You'd have to deal with worse, you'd have to deal with me while I was naked, we'll see who breaks first twisted .
Regretfully my ghost are very easy to bribe, that could prove troublesome stare .

Yes people are dumb, but I'm shore at least few people would notice, maybe eek ???

But they're just trying to be friendly, they're failing, but at least they're trying, that's a start right sweatdrop ???
Oh we have an army of squirrels that live right outside the shop, I've been waging a war to keep them out of the shop, my former co-workers used to feed them, which was a pain stare .
If we had rats we'd have to close down, which wouldn't be fun neutral .

Yes the dreaded broom, but this is the same cat that's still afraid of the tumble dryer neutral .


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