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. . . Moi wuvz you.

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.....Here are some things that I love.

Jesus, Mexican food, movies, music, hats, theatre, acting, laughing about stupid things, being weird, singing, photography, daydreaming, mint mocha chip frappuccinos, snow, cooking, California, reading, the sound a sword makes when you pull it out of the sheath, making people laugh, silent comedies, Jack Johnson's happy music, randomly bursting into song, walking barefoot in the snow (for short periods of time,) eating popcorn with chocolate chips, singing "No One" by Alecia Keys ridiculously loud and as tonedeff as humanly possible with my seestor (while driving,) (puting things in parenthisies,) taking my anger out on inanimate objects, "drawing" with oil pastels, chapstick, dressing up in ridiculous costumes, people who have cool accents, making fun of my seestor for being 2 inches shorter than me, being lazy, being right, dreaming about Italy, pirate ships, making weird faces, smelly good things, warm apple pie candles, chicken chimichangas (with gaucamole,) ancient history (especially Egypt,) body butter, all forms of (dark) chocolate, lilies, painting, and playing (or attempting to play) my awesome intruments.

....Believe me, there's more. ALOT more. But, don't you worry...I'm shutting up (for now.)

......PS. Only super special people are capable of seeing the incredible fish in my tank. . . to normal people they will appear to be invisible wink


Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!


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Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket. . shiny...must touch.

Blaaaah blah blah blah