• Basics-
Name: Jessica Ann.
Age: 16
D.O.B.: 3-3-93 @ 11:53 A.M.
Born: Lawton Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.
From: Herzogenaurach, Germany.
Gender: Female.
Race: Caucasian(White.)
Ethnicity: 100% Authentic German.
Religion: Christian, Catholic.
Languages spoken: German, French, Japanese, Englisch.
Hobbies: Soccer, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Sleeping, Musik, Chatting.
Orientation: Straight.
• Favorites-
Fav. Color(s): Lime Green, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Purple.
Fav. food: Homemade goulasche and rouladen.
Fav. drink: Dr. Pepper.
• Dislikes-
Food/drinks: Cherries(most of all) any kind of nuts, carrots, blueberries, peanut butter(ugh) choc. cake, choc. milk, choc. icing, choc. ice- cream.
People: Racist, self- absorbed, conceited, attention- seekers, i'll- shove- my- religion- down- your- throat, anyone who goes by body, looks, or money.
Other: The United States of America.
• Fears-
Worst Fear(s): Spiders(OMG) and Seaweed! D:.
Other: Ferris wheels, Paddle Boats.
• Weird-
♫♪ My hands are never ever never warm...and very small.
♫♪ I have been randomly hiccupping for a few years.
♫♪ I have this weird obsession with counting things...i dont know why, but if i dont do it, it bothers me. Its hard to explain.
♫♪ I have the longest tongue i have yet seen. And i can do tricks with it(ex- touch my nose, unwrap candy and things in my mouth, and tie a cherry stem in a knot in 4.3 seconds.)
♫♪ Im attracted to shiny things. They catch my attention surprisingly easy.
♫♪ I get sidetracked and distracted VERY easy.
♫♪ I can entertain myself for hours with just about anything.
♫♪ I have never had a headache or a brain freeze. honest truth. 0.0