Fancy meeting you on this creepy online gaming site...
Since you're here, I want to share a cute little story with you all, here it goes...
This is a story about two wonderful, fabulous, and amazing
gentlemen in my life.

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First: I have a cute little 2 yrs puppy. He's a miniature schnauzer He's the most wonderful bundle of joy. He will always have my heart. Love at first sight. <3
Second: This guy ... he's something else.
January 2o12 ... I met him
December 2o12 ... He then showed me what love is. Great love that is told in fairy tales, except it came true for me. The love we have is something that I could never ask for more. The relationship we have is more than what the meaning states. He is the one and only for me. He is the one who puts the smiles on my face for no reason. And still gives me millions of reasons why I am happy. I am nobody to convince anybody that I am the happiest person in the world, as long as I know I feel everyday. We never know how long anything will last, but all we can....do is make the best out of it. The best part of my life is ... my baby; he makes the worst days to better, tears to smiles, negative to positive, and sadness to happiness. He made my life brighter and gives me hope each day. Knowing that there are too many reasons to count why, I am greatful, I tend to fall in love by...the ticking of the time clock.

I love him.

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