All me

Hello everyone. This is my profile. I started Gaia in 2006 by chance. I hate the Inflammation on the Marketplace and love bumping on the forums. I've been playing Gaiaonline for about 4 years now and I'm doing pretty well....(mad broke though). Some more things about me:

Nationality: Gaian (Of course)
Hobby: Doodling, playing tennis, bowling, wandering, eating out, RANTING
Eats: Sushi, strawberries, tootsie rolls, rice, chicken, BEEF, strawberry icecream
Sports: Crew, Tennis, Track, Bowling
Music: R&B, HipHop/Rap, Alternative
Talent: Whistling
Dream Job: Architecture
Enjoys: sports, food, zOMG, playing on Paint, doesn't have photoshop sad

Update: I have photoshop now, and might start spamming it LOL