Here on Gaia, I have been known by many names: demoneyez_ember (the name of my first ever account), kitten_is_your_mistress, FaunaEmber, Luna DarkEyes, luna_ember_kitten, Scarlet Dusk Li Feng, and as of now, Scarlet Ember Kitten . It might change again in the future but who knows for sure? I can be very fickle!

You may call me Scarlet as only people that know me well can call me by my real name...

Here's a little bit about me:

Despite what my profile might say, I've been a member of Gaia since 2005. Unfortunately due to the 2007 X-Mas Town incident when the Towns were being overrun with Botters, I had to close my original account due to the fact that it was glitching out to the point where I was being logged out then it took five tries before I could properly log back in.

First and foremost, I'm a female gamer. I love easy mode. Despite how some people knock the Easy setting in games, I thoroughly enjoy it because I can actually get through the game without getting frustrated because I keep dying. I'm about playing games to have fun, not to prove I'm a better gamer because I have more achievements than someone else. I enjoy playing single player games the most but I also enjoy co-op with my family, especially my husband. My favorite kind of games are RPGs, anything from the Fable series, to the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, WoW and beyond I'll play. I love BioWare because of their epic and advanced RPG games (you may remember them for creating the first videogame to feature a tastefully done love scene in Mass Effect). Jade Empire was the game that made me fall in love with them. If you didn't figure it out from my mention of achievements, I'm a 360 person. While I'm not going to outright bash PS3 owners (as I want to prevent an all out console war on my profile), I will say that PS3's overpriced consoles and attempts to adopt innovative ideas from other consoles as their own is a sad attempt in and of itself to make money.

I enjoy writing, as you can tell, and I love to push boundaries when I do it. If I can make one person think about what I write, then I'm happy. I've written many a short story and fanfic in my life, sadly most have been lost to broken down outdated PCs or have been accidently thrown out. My most current fanfic is a FF8 Zell/Rinoa pairing. Unlike many others featured on fanfiction.net, my story tries to take a more realistic and reasonable approach to the relationship over the tired cliches of Squall being an abusive boyfriend, Squall being killed off before the story even begins, or Rinoa being a straying girlfriend. If it isn't already apparant, I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VIII. It's probably the one game I'm more obsessed with than Jade Empire or Final Fantasy VII, and that's saying something! As a writer, I'm a big stickler for grammar. Sure I'm not going to go off on a tangant when someone uses a run-on sentence and I won't freak out over the occassional mispelled word, but when people purposely mispell every single word they type, that's where I draw the line between accident and ignorant.

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Yes this is me...er, well my shirt anyway. I got it from jinx.com (best place to go for gamer gear) when I realized how it summed up my feelings for Twilight perfectly. I absolutely abhor the series and it amazes me how that woman has gotten so rich by basically taking every "after school special" about the problems of teenagers (HA! Oh, sorry! ^^; ), threw in vampires and werewolves and added heavily from the Mormon bible, even though she claims that those hints of her religion are subtle, as well as putting in *****, stalking, grand theft auto, suicide and completely inaccurate facts about races and events in history.

Ahem...again, I apologize! ^^;

Well look at that! You just earned 500XP by reading all that! Grats!


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Sup b***h. This is the original owner of this profile. Glad I finally caught you. You're getting reported ********. ❤

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I wish my wife co-oped with me, instead of some guy she met... now we're not married. Oh well. C'est la vie.

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Happy Birthday Ember!!!!
Hope you had a great day and were spoiled rotten!! heart

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cool avi

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